Energy Efficient Space Heaters – A Cost Effective Solution

Are you in the market for one of the best energy efficient space heaters available on the market? If you’re not sure what an efficient space heater is, then you are definitely not alone. Unfortunately, many home owners do not know what it is and how it can help to reduce the cost of running your heating system. If you are going to be installing or using any type of space heater, it is important that you are educated so you can make an informed decision when making your purchase.

The first step in deciding which of the best energy efficient space heaters is right for you is knowing what they are. This is definitely not a simple task, but it can be done. There are three basic types of space heaters: Gas, Oil, and Electric. Each of these categories has its own benefits and disadvantages when it comes to usage and energy consumption.

Perhaps the most popular and common type of efficient space heaters is Natural Gas or Propane. This is an excellent choice if you are interested in helping to cut down on your overall energy consumption and are concerned about the environment. If you are currently shopping around for a new heater, then you will probably be interested in finding out more about Natural Gas and finding out where it comes from, how it is produced, and how to install it. Be sure that you are fully knowledgeable about the product so that you are not left in the dark.

Another popular and effective choice is a small size radiant heater known as the Small Size Radiant Heater. This is an excellent choice for those who have very limited access to power sources and who want to use a heater to keep their rooms warm. If you are interested in learning more about this option, then be sure to read the information provided below.

Next, you have the ever popular Freon Oven. This space heater operates using Freon gas which is a form of refrigerant that tends to produce very little in the way of harmful emissions when under use. The cons of the Freon Oven are that it tends to get very hot and therefore poses the potential for overheating. For this reason, it can be considered a cons related to the operation of this type of space heater.

Finally, there are electric space heaters such as the electric infrared heaters. The most important benefit to these types of heaters is that they require absolutely no electricity. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who does not want to spend their hard-earned money on an energy-efficient appliance that they will likely never use. In addition to being completely energy-efficient, they also require virtually no maintenance and pose no potential risks to children or pets.

Space heaters are available in three different wattages: low, medium, and high. Low wattage units produce a small amount of radiant heat output while high wattage units produce a great deal more radiant heat output. Radiant heat output refers to how much heat is produced from the source and how much warmth is radiated out into space. In general, the higher the wattage of your heater, the greater the amount of radiant heat it produces.

When selecting your space heater, it is important to remember that it is an investment and requires proper maintenance to keep operating at peak efficiency. Additionally, it is vitally important to choose one that will provide adequate heating for your needs and to consider how it will impact the total cost of running your home as well. There are several options to consider and it is up to you to make the right decision based upon your individual needs. Fortunately, you have many energy efficient space heaters to choose from which will help ensure that you make the best possible choice for your heating needs. For more information, be sure to contact your local heating maintenance professionals for more tips on selecting the perfect heater.

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