What Are The Dos And Don’Ts To Follow While Installing A Window Ac?

If you are experiencing sweltering nights and days, you should consider opting AC installation the Woodlands TX. It is not simple to install or set up a window air conditioner or centralized air conditioner on own. If you do not have the experience, it is always good to approach the professionals. Crossway Mechanical- a leading AC installation company has shared some interesting tips that are useful for anyone who is looking to install their AC unit.

Tips for AC installation the Woodlands TX

  •  Do not think that you are allowed to install the window unit: If you are living in a condo complex, neighborhood, or an apartment that has homeowner’s association, you have to check the HOA board or management before purchasing and installing a unit. Certain complexes do not permit window air-conditioners for aesthetic reasons. They may think that it affects the beauty of the exteriors. Some may deny thinking if it is not perfectly installed, it would drop from the window and create a threat.
  •  Do evaluate your windows: Every window is not suitable for the air conditioner. Though such appliances are created for the double-hung window, there are chances for not suiting. Most air conditioners come with a fixed lower pane and upper pane that moves up and down. Casement windows that slant outward to open and sliding windows that pass from one side to another are not the best options for window air conditioning units. If you are wondering whether it would suit or not, it is recommended to call for the technicians for AC installation services.

They would analyze the window and room size and let you know the appropriate A/C unit for your needs. Remember, you would require an electric outlet which admits three-prong plugs near to the window. The majority of the window cords consist of a cord that is six feet long. When it comes to window air conditioners or centralized units, do not use an extension cord for power supply.

It is very dangerous to your entire unit as well as to your electric unit. If any damage is caused due to the extension cord, you could not cover using the warranty. There are chances for fire hazards especially when the extension cord is not approved for appliances like A/C.

If you are looking for the best performance, you have to fix it in a place that is close to the window. It is simple to do the installation in such areas. The air conditioner should be set up in a partially shaded or shady window since intense or direct sunlight can affect the efficiency of the unit for about 10%. It also struggles because of hot air.

Remember, air conditioners need adequate clearance of unhindered airflow. So select a window that is free from walls, shrubs, trees, furniture, and other obstructions. It should be far at least 20 inches away from obstruction both from the outside and inside of the window.

  •  Do not neglect to evaluate the measurements: To purchase the right window A/C, you have to consider two arrays of measurements. The width and height of the window entry point as well as the room’s square footage you wanted to cool. Generally, the packaging of the air conditioner would mention the size and measurements of the windows and the extreme square footage the AC unit can cool. Ensure that the measurements of your room and windows are appropriate to the unit guidelines.

If you want to get the window’s measurements, you have to open till it goes. Utilize a tap and get the inches from the top to bottom and from one side to another side.

If you are not aware of your room’s square footage, it is best to use a tape and measure against the room’s wall. You have to extend the tape till the opposite side to determine the length of the room. Repeat the same procedure on the room’s other side to get the width. Multiple the results to get the exact square footage.

Are you finding it difficult to determine the room size? If you are not sure which AC to choose for your entire house, give a call to Crossway Mechanical – the AC installation experts in the Woodlands, TX.


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