Designing the Perfect Kitchen: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wallpaper and Fabrics

The kitchen is no longer merely a room where people prepare and cook food. It is now one of the most important parts of any abode, with many considering it the heart of the home.

Because of this, having a kitchen that does not have the right balance in terms of functionality and aesthetics is not acceptable anymore. The heart of the home needs to be fully equipped and furnished, comfortable, and pleasing, so that everyone will want to spend plenty of time in this section of the house.

Kitchen Wallpaper

In the past, wallpapers were not recommended for designing kitchens. However, since this type of wall covering product now comes in different materials and has more modern designs, using it is one of the best ways to enhance the look of a kitchen.

If you want to buy wallpaper for your home that will also look great in the kitchen, follow these tips:

1. Know your possible choices

Since a lot of things happen in the kitchen (food prep, cooking, baking, washing dishes, etc.), this room will get dirty a lot. It will undergo a lot of abuse, as well.

Because of this, you need to limit your choices to the two best types of wallpapers for the kitchen. These are:

Vinyl wallpaper

Possibly the most well-known type of wallpaper, this wall covering product comes in colors, designs, or patterns printed on a vinyl surface. Its back is made of strong paper, so vinyl wallpapers are durable and do not fade even under prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. They are also easy to clean and can resist grease and moisture, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Washable wallpapers

As the name implies, this type of wallpaper can be washed and cleaned. Because of this, it is suitable for the kitchen where splashes and cleanups often happen.

Washable wallpapers are typically vinyl-coated and also have a thin plastic translucent coating that protects the pattern or design. Some products are treated with chemicals that make them dust-repellent.

Regardless of the additional treatment they have, the extra coating makes washable wallpapers resistant to stains and easier to clean and maintain.

If you want the walls in your kitchen to look good for a long time without the need for too much cleanup, narrow down your choices to either vinyl or washable wallpaper.

2. Choose the right color and pattern

With various designs and hues to select from, wallpapers are your best option for brightening up and making your kitchen more appealing.

If you want your kitchen to exude a warm, lively vibe, opt for colorful wallpaper with a dynamic pattern. In case you want something simpler that will still brighten up the room, go for neutral colors with modest or basic prints. They work well with any kitchen style or setting.

Additionally, ensure the wallpaper you choose complements the kitchen cabinetry, countertops, and hardware color tones. Otherwise, you will have a room that looks mismatched and hastily designed.

3. Use wallpaper to make your kitchen more interesting

You don’t have to use wallpaper to cover all the walls; you can also use them to make a statement wall.

Choose one wall or a part of it to cover with wallpaper. If you want to have a striking statement wall, opt for a product that has bright colors and quirky designs or patterns.

You can also use wallpaper as a backsplash which is highly popular today.

Additionally, you can make your kitchen shelves and cabinetry more interesting by installing wallpaper on the back of open and closed shelving and inside drawers. By doing so, you will add an element of beauty and surprise to these normally mundane fixtures.

If you decide to add wallpaper to these fixtures, opt for classic patterns to ensure they won’t look out of place. They will also look classy for many years.

In case you want the back of the shelves and drawers to stand out, choose wallpaper with a brighter or lighter shade but of the same color family as the shelving or cabinetry.

Fabric for Your Dining Chairs and Other Furnishings

Since the kitchen also doubles as a dining area in most modern homes, choosing the right fabric for the chairs and other furniture pieces will also enhance the look of this room.

Below are some tips for selecting the best upholstery fabric:

1. Think about the overall design of your kitchen

Narrowing down your options for possible dining chair fabric starts with thinking about the style of the kitchen.

Certain fabrics are more suitable for kitchens with classic or traditional designs. On the other hand, some materials, prints, and patterns will work best with modern kitchen styles.

If you have a classic kitchen and don’t have any young kids, silk, rayon, leather, and twill are excellent options. For contemporary kitchen designs, nylon, acrylic, and polyester are fantastic choices. Cotton works well for both designs, though.

2. Consider the kitchen’s color palette

Following the color scheme of your kitchen is also crucial when finding the right fabric for your chairs. Their shade should blend with or enhance the current hues and not clash with them.

If you want to add a touch of contrast to the kitchen, select a shade that isn’t too bright. Always opt for a light hue — one that can still add sophistication to the room. And if you want to have furniture that does not show stains and dirt easily, choose darker colors.

In case you want your dining chairs to be versatile and flexible enough for additional decoration or styling in the future, you will do well to select a fabric in a neutral shade.

3. Don’t forget texture

Lastly, aside from visual impact, tactile perception is another vital element that will enhance the look and ambiance of your kitchen. As such, choose a fabric that calls to your sense of touch.

Satin, nylon, and twill have interesting textures. They won’t fail to excite anyone’s tactile senses. But if you want a type of fabric that is elegant both to the eyes and touch, velvet is your best option.

To have the perfect kitchen, you have to carefully think about and choose all the elements that will go into this room. Never underestimate the importance of any component, including your wallpaper and fabrics for your chairs and other furnishings, so that your investment into your home will be worth it.


James Prathap is the General Manager at NGC Nafees, top importers and exporters of wallpapers, flooring, and fabric in the Middle East. Formed three decades ago, the business also offers high-quality panoramics, coordinated fabrics, and creative stickers for residential and commercial projects.


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