How To Choose The Battery Operated Leaf Blower

If you are conversant with personal gardening and pruning, the concept of leaf blowers will be a major priority. The presence of fallen leaves or cut grass keeping outdoors untidy is very unattractive. A rake is very tedious to use and a professional gardener may just be too expensive to hire.

This is when you need a leaf blower. The high power equipment is very important and quite easy to use. It basically gobbles up all the dirty unwanted leaves and root sheddings without breaking the shape or ruining the beauty of the evenly sharp cut grass.

A high powered diesel leaf blower may seem like the right way to go but strength and expertise it requires to handle
the instrument will make a battery powered blower is more easy and lighter to handle.

How do you know the right battery leaf blower to buy amongst the many kinds and the ignorance about what which
leaf blower is suitable for you.

7 Things To Consider Choosing A Leaf Blower

Air Power

The first basic purpose of a leaf blower is the ability to clean up dirt using a strong air sucking power. If you have a light garden of a yard which doesn’t have enough leaves or garden organic dirt then you do not need much air power.

However, if there are large trees, especially neighboring trees, and high-end gardens then a more intense air power is needed to replicate the strength of a diesel or high powered leaf blower. To effectively clear the space to be clean and good, the right air power which is suitable for the size of your garden or yard is necessary.

Battery Capacity

The battery life and strength is important to avoid paying extra to replace. Long lasting garden time will obviously require a higher battery capacity. The size and level of garden work are very important to consider.

No matter what kind of leaf blower you decide to buy, it is vital to note the grade of battery power that is being
purchased. The longer it lasts, the more fruitful it will be and the lesser chance of early repairs and battery replacement.


The whole point of a battery-powered blower is to avoid the noise and pollution diesel type produces. In a private environment where there are policies against noise making and pollution, using a battery leaf blower should eliminate this problem but there would still be a level of noise involved. Ensure that you pick a leaf blower that does not cause noise pollution.

Charging Time

With battery, one thing is constant. Either there is recharging or changing of batteries will be required to keep the machine running. The option of customers changing batteries constantly is not feasible and the equipment will have no value. Recharging is hence the most realistic option of the two.

The time limit and requirements to recharge is one point to consider when choosing a tool. A leaf blower that will require less charge and last a long period of time is important to acquire. If daily use is necessary then this particular feature of the blower will matter to the owner.

Weight and Mobility

How big and movable it is to carry around determines the comfort of carrying. Weighty and additional support to carry around will not be feasible for small gardening or clearing of the yard if one does not have the adequate arm strength.

Choose a leaf blower that you can carry to avoid having to call in your neighbor or in the end hire a gardener to do job money was wasted to buying equipment to take care of. A lightweight blower which will have the air power to clear a large number of leaves and diets without shutting down is the ideal weight to consider.

Specific Features

Some blowers have different specific features which makes them special for use. The position of the nozzle and air
sucking space is important. This will determine how easy it will be to handle and use. Keeping the nozzle away from hanging on to clothes or being kept in the right direction will make a blower a great pick.

Also, the presence of built-in scrapper within the machine which enables an easy packing and avoids things getting
stuck. These specific features will single out that one leaf blower from the crowd to become yours.


The cost of the machine to be bought should match the particular specifications. If you are getting almost all of the things to consider listed above in the deal with positive reviews, then the price is understandable at a high rate.

One of the features that are majorly lacking is the inability of the battery to last on high power. The faster it drains the less durable the machine in general becomes. Having a stable battery is very important. The price at a high battery capacity will be equivalent to the power of air and sucking range.

An expensive high-intensity machine does not necessarily translate into a good product. The overall description must
be read print after print, line after line.

The need to purchase a battery operated leaf blower is to ensure comfortability and reduction in noise pollution is
vital to keep your garden and front porch clean and tidy. It is important to consider size, the range of use, strength capacity, battery life, the frequency of charging and price when choosing your home appliance.

Reviews online and product description give you an insight into how to choose, what to choose and what not
to choose. Although the online community can be clouded with deceits, SEO manipulation and fake reviews, Google recent strategies and the range of people who give their opinions vary that a scheme can be fished out.

Picking a leaf blower may not be the ideal weekend or shopping goal but it can affect the state of your gardening
and house appearance. In all, your choice should be about needs and nothing else.


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