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Amazing Mints: The Versatile Plant Species That Does Everything from Entertaining your Cat to Cleaning Your Teeth

Mint plants, Lamiaceae, come in a wide variety. Some are good for making tea or jelly, freshening breath or even cleaning your house. Others act as insect repellents or are believed to have medicinal properties. The best news about mint plants is that many of them are the brown-thumb gardener’s saving grace. Once started, mint […]

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A Super Guide for Beginning Gardeners: How to love getting your hands dirty, your feet wet and grow the best vegetables ever

Man Using a Hand Harrow. Photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images via / No known copyright restrictions Photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [”playin’ hook-y”] ;o via / CC BY-SA Gardening isn’t rocket science. Thank goodness it isn’t, or many generations of humans would have gone hungry. However, through many centuries of […]

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