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How To Lay Flagstone In 5 Simple Steps

IntroductionNowadays, people tend to use more and more flagstone in decorative boulders, landscape features and wall stone since it provides an attractive natural look. Also, thanks to its non-slip surface and irregular shapes, it’s also widely used to pave in the walkway, stairs and patios.Flagstone comes in different types, sizes and color, which makes it […]

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Best Lawn Edger for Trimming Ragged Edges and Taming Encroaching Plants

At one time, edging and trimming around walks and growing beds meant using hand clippers or getting up close and personal with stray grass and weeds. Hand tools are still an option for creating neat, trim edges around walks and along borders. For larger gardens, automated tools might be a better option.Photo credit: Internet Archive […]

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How to Kill Dallisgrass – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

IntroductionDallisgrass is one of the most troublesome weeds and a big concern for both public and private lawn. This grass has always been listed as a difficult-to-control grass. However, killing Dallisgrass is not necessarily something impossible. In fact, learning how to kill Dallisgrass involves some certain know-how and practices in following a step-by-step grass management […]

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