The Best Tomato Cage for Gardeners 2017 – 2018

The Best Tomato Cage for Gardeners


You love to plant tomatoes and enjoy the taste of sweet and fresh tomatoes in summer days. However, you don’t know what kind of tomato cages is best for you. Check our best tomato cage reviews below for your reference.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

What is tomato cage?

Tomato cage is often hand made by people to support tomato plants to be easier to grow. A tomato cage is very helpful in keeping plants from being knocked over by strong winds or breaking off. Cages are usually built from wood or solid wires provided that they are sturdy enough to allow tomato plants to lean on.

When you have time and a great passion for housework, making your tomato cage is not too complicated and therefore, does not require a lot of work and effort. If you intend to plant small and bush-like tomatoes, a small cage is a good choice and suitable for you.

A simple tomato cage (Photo credit: OakleyOriginals via / CC BY)

On the other hand, with larger tomato plants, the cage must be stronger. From my point of view, I strongly recommend that you should consider buying available tomato cages which are fully designed already and all you need to do is pounding them into the ground and taking care of them.

First of all, let’s watch this video link below to earn yourself basic method of constructing the best tomato cage.

What are the main elements for a good tomato cage?

Strong and solid vertical columns to keep tomato plants standing tall

To make sure that your tomato cage is strong enough to keep heavy and large tomatoes from being fallen even when wind whips blow through your garden, you should pay attention to materials from which a tomato cage is made from.

You never want your tomato cage to be used only once in a tomato crop. You always want to make a cage which is durable for more decades of use.

Strength and longevity of materials

Your cave should be made or constructed from heavy-gauge wire and long fence sections which are merely sold at farm stores. Depending on the number of animals on your farm and the size of your garden, you might decide the appropriate materials build your cage as soon as it is sustainable and sturdy.

Furthermore, you should know that your wire and metal cages can rust due to the weather and other elements. Therefore, even if you can choose the best materials to build the tomato cage, please always check each tomato cage to ensure that you can replace broken cages as soon as possible. This is also to protect you from getting hurt due to scrapes or cuts of damaged cages.

The height of cage

As I said earlier, you should take into account the fact that whether your farm or garden have animals to design the height of your cage. After that, a suitable cattle panel can be chosen with proper tall to prevent the animals from destroying your tomato plants. Panels with wider spaced wires are less expensive and convenient to work on with.

The height of the cage should also allow you to easily pick ripe tomatoes if your tomato plants are bush-like ones.

The length of tomato cage

You might decide to plant more than one tomato plant in a cage. So, you had better notice of the distance between tomato plants so that they are not too close to each other. If you fail to do so, your plants cannot grow well as they prevent the others from receiving the sunshine, soil nutrition and more seriously, plant diseases can cause viral around.

As a result, your cage should be designed in a proper length so that tomato plants have enough room for growth and you are capable of stepping into the cage to take care of your tomato plants.

The cage should be pushing hard into the solid ground to stay strong

The location for a tomato cage is also an important factor you need to know. The stakes might not be built properly and easily knocked over by strong winds or any other elements like animals in the soft ground. When the soil is ideal, you should use a hammer as a supporter to pound wire anchors of the cage into the ground.

Product Reviews – The Best Tomato Cage

1. Lifetime Tomato Cages, Heavy Gauge, Set of 4

As its name suggests, this Lifetime Tomato Cage can be very durable and used for decades of times. With four layer designs, this tomato cage is suitable for larger tomato plants. This cage can keep your tomato plants to grow up healthily and strongly for a big harvest. Each layer comes with ample storage for you to be able to put more than one plants together.

Seven legs help the cage stand strong, and gauge wire connects panels perfectly delivering a “worthy of money” product. For those who prefer bush-like tomato plants, don’t worry because The Lifetime Tomato Cage supports your tomato well from falling off. If you like larger and massive tomato plants, this cage simply cannot be bent or broken.

Even if your tomatoes snap out of the cage, which therefore cannot be supported by the gauge wire, you can easily cut off the top of your tomato plants to keep them fit into the cage.


  • Mobile and portable to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Providing more space for tomato plants to grow higher thanks to the height of 6 to 8 feet
  • Sturdy enough for other vegetables or small fruits to be loaded with tomato plants
  • Large hole to get hands through and redirect tomato branches back to the cage
  • Easy to take care of your tomatoes from snails


  • Limited colors for your choice
  • Without being staked down carefully, this cage can be blown over

2. Gilbert & Bennett 901592RE-5 Red 54″ Galvanized Tomato Cage, 5 Pack

This design of Galvanized Tomato Cage is quite impressive with round rings creating layers of the cage. With four long and strong stakes, 10 pounds in weight and sturdy gauge wire, this tomato cage shall not disappoint you once it is anchored carefully into the ground. The higher ring tends to be larger than the lower ones, making it convenient and easy for you to take care of tomatoes when they grow up.

Each round layer also provides enough width to contain the biggest tomato plants. You should not worry if one day you wake up and see your plants fall off the ground as the Galvanized Tomato Cage is assembled to keep tomatoes growing tall. Besides, you can circulate plants to create their forms. This cage is just perfectly suitable for accommodating any garden space.


  • No need for assembly
  • Ease of use by pounding hard into the ground
  • Ease of watering
  • Easy to access to harvest tomatoes
  • Various colors for your choice
  • 10 pounds in weight enabling the cage to withstand largest tomato plants
  • Mobile and portable to move around


  • Does not support more than one tomato plant in one cage as this cage is smaller from the base

3. H Potter Garden Trellis Wrought Iron 309

Everyone shall be impressed with the appearance of H Potter Cage. In fact, this cage can support a variety of plants apart from tomatoes. In the scope of the tomato cage, H Potter Trellis is still a perfect choice for its technical features. With 22.5 inches in width and 65 inches in height, this cage can fit for the largest tomato plants. The cage is covered with metal in brown color, making it outstanding and graceful in most of gardens.

There is no doubt about the sturdiness of H Potter Cage as its weight comes up to 28 pounds. Therefore, it is a perfect supporter for your tomato plants to grow up strongly and reach its best height. However, as this cage only has two small legs, it is better for you to place it against the wall. If you want to build up a beautiful garden full of natural and fresh ripe tomatoes, H Potter Cage is there for you with the full package of 3 pieces.

In my opinion, H Potter Cage is the best tomato cage that you must have in your garden.


  • Mobile and portable
  • Ease of taking care of tomato plants from harmful grass
  • Lovely and elegant design
  • Sturdy enough to withstand large climbing plants together with tomato plants
  • Easy to establish
  • Well-made design


  • Does not support more than one tomato plant in one cage as this cage is smaller from the base

4. Stacking Tomato Ladders, Set of 6, Heavy Gauge

This model will work best with the support from raised beds. This is a good choice for those who own small gardens or balconies. Made from steel of 7mm thick and having six sections with the heightof32.5”.This cage is a great idea for gardeners to decorate their house surroundings. These tomato ladders are easy for tall plants to be stacked and convenient to take care of.

Another way for you to use this stacking tomato ladders is to put tomato plants into small pots and then hang them onto the ladders. Tomato plants will grow out of the pots and lean on the ladder to stay stronger and higher. Don’t worry about the weight of such pots as these ladders are sturdy enough to support them. It is obvious that these tomato ladders are better choices than anything you can find in a farm store.


  • Mobile and portable
  • Recommended for any space or locations
  • Suitable for large tomato plants
  • Ease of assembly and use
  • Ease of taking care of tomato plants from weeds
  • Ease of picking up ripe tomatoes
  • Durable and can be reused for decades of times


  • Not sturdy enough to stand alone or stand against a hard wall
  • Still sturdy enough to withstand tomato plants but must be tightened hard to the beds

5. RollerHook Tomato and Vine Crop Trellis (25 Pack)

This trellis cage is appropriate for both tomato and other vine plants. Therefore, this means it is strong enough to support more than one plant. You now have another choice to consider before deciding which type of tomato cage you want. This Roller Hook Tomato Trellis is designed for small indoor greenhouses by utilizing plant-growing space using vertical trellis while still generating high yield tomato crops.

The Roller Hook trellis can transform the smallest growing room into gardens with vertically hung tomato plants. You shouldn’t worry that one day the trellis might fall over. Other than that, this trellis is especially appropriate for vertical growing with an efficient operating mechanism to avoid collapsing. Each tomato plant is hung separately onto a string running up and down steadily. The top of each string is attached to roller hooks.


  • Suitable for small space gardens
  • Used for many crops and many other purposes instead of supporting tomato plants
  • Sturdy and reliable enough for promising tomato crops


  • Quite complicated to set the cage up so strongly recommended for assistance from cage provider
  • Time-taking and effort requirement to take care of a lot of tomato plants at the same time because the Roller hook is designed for indoor greenhouses to deploy its best functions, so massive planted tomatoes might cause you more work to do
  • Cost for maintenance of trellis operating system

Choosing the Best Tomato Cage for Your Yard and Garden

Now that you have earned yourself options on how to make the best tomato cage. If you have a space for a mini greenhouse, the Roller Hook is there for you. Imagine enjoying yourself in an environment where the green and red colors of tomatoes appear in front of you, I bet nothing can be more peaceful than this.

If you have limited space for gardening works, Lifetime Tomato Cages, Galvanized Tomato Cage, H Potter Garden Trellis and Stacking Ladders should be a better consideration.

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