Best Shovel For Dragging Your Garden 2017 – 2018

The Best Shovels For Dragging Your Garden


Most of the gardeners know there is one simple truth about having a beautiful garden – they need to get out of the dirt in the yard. With a shovel, you can make a bright side in the garden. Therefore, the shovel is extremely important gardening equipment, especially when you want to have a big hole to grow the plants and flowers. And choosing the best shovels to dig into your garden is also crucial, and it is not a daunting task.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

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Recognize kinds of shovel

Experienced gardeners understand that they must recognize the types of the shovel and their features before making another purchase in the market. Because there are various tools that are called shovel you may see in the store, you need to take a look at kinds of the shovel as following.

A spade

Have you ever seen someone use a kind of shovel that looks like a square shovel while getting the garden? If you have already seen it, there could be a garden spade. British people call the spade, and the shovels are the general garden tools, but Americans prefer calling this garden equipment is the spade. In fact, the spade and the shovel are different tools.

Photo credit: judylcrook via / CC BY-NC-ND

They have different looking at the property of curves and circles. The spade blades are flat, and the shovel blades are biconcave. Secondly, most of the spades have a flat shape with four sides of equal length and four angles of 900. And most of the shovels could be curved at the bottom.

A shovel

At the first look, you see a shovel, and you totally know it a garden shovel. With the garden shovel, you can use it in some conditions such as tree roots, rocky soils, etc. Furthermore, a garden shovel can work well on large loads like crack tough lands and move dug soil out of space garden easily thanks to moving materials. In a nutshell, the garden shovel will help you make holes and trenches.

A scoop

When you want to move large material or something like that, you should use a scoop. As scoops have big blades to help you move loose soils and materials so fast than you think. There is one point you need to pay attention to the scoop is the land or materials are not heavy to move when having full of materials on them.

Other different shapes of garden handling tool

When using a spade, a scoop or a shovel, you also need a handle. They are also diverse than you might know on their grip types and length such as long, short, straight and D – grip handled. Most of the handle types are made from wood with soft in user’s touch.

Some factors gardeners need to consider of a new shovel

The durability

Most of the blades of shovel are intended with a forge and the stamped steel. They are the most durable types of the blades of a shovel. However, forged steel is more expensive than another shovel you can see in the market. With the stamped steel, it is lower than forged steel in price. In the garden tool stores, you might see other types of the blades like plastic and aluminum ones. They are suitable for moving sand or snow.

The dimensions

Because shovel has a wide range of sizes, you need to check two aspects to pick the best one for you. First of all, you should estimate your general size. If you are tall and having a full or energy, you could buy the biggest size. And if you are older or having some problems on your knees, you would consider a smaller one. It is not difficult to find the right size for a gardener while estimating their general size on them.

The materials of a shovel

  • Blade materials: For those who want to move tree roots, deadpan soil, heavy rocks, etc. to make holes and trenches, they need to opt a sturdy material blade of a shovel.

  • Handle materials: here are three main kinds of shovel like fiberglass, steel, and wood. The fiberglass is lightweight, but it is not a durable material of a tool. You can use it to crack and split. Keep in mind that you should not use this equipment as a lever. When you pick a wood one, you need to observe the guaranty of each item. With a steel tool, it is heavy, and it is also expensive.

The construction of a shovel

In the construction of a shovel, you need to consider two core factors. Firstly, think of the method of using a blade to the handle. Normally, low price shovel has a tapered handle that you can control the sleeve at the top of the blade. In the other end of the range are made from steel shovel that the handle and the blade are fixed together. These items are available tools for those who do not have enough money, but it is not durable at all of the using time.

Other special features

Shovel blades also have some special features that you might be observed like saw – toothed blades, sharpened blades, perforated blades, and metal – detecting blades. It is a good idea for using in some special situation; however, you must pay more money to upkeep this equipment during the using time.

Product Reviews – The Best Shovel

1. Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600

The Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600 has modern and upgrade features that gardeners and update commercial landscapers all over the world love this shovel. The blade has 14 – gauge steel with a protective layer. With a spring steel, Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600 could curve and reduce the breakage when having the outside pressure.

It is produced from the fiberglass that is sturdy and light at the same time. A fixed fiberglass makes the rod extends stronger from the blade up to 12.5 inches to catch the maximum strength in the place that the handle must adapt the most stress while using.

Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600 is a lightweight shovel with 5.1 pounds, and the blade is just 9 in width. It is light with a durable material. With full of good points in this model, it is rated one of the best shovels in the market.


  • It has a spring steel blade to cut down the breakage in the blade.
  • It has a lightweight shovel, but it is still strong enough for gardeners in their making the garden.


  • Buyers do not have a warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Gardeners might buy other accessories to support this shovel does.

2. Bully Tools 82515 14 – Gauge Round Point Shovel With Fiberglass Handle

For those who want to have a great shovel with lower at the price of other steel models, the Bully Tools 82515 could be your option. It has a closed – back model and gardeners also have the guaranty from the manufacturer.

The Bully Tools 82515 has a wood – reinforced in the handle with triple – wall fiberglass which has 48.5 inches in length. Furthermore, manufacture makes the closed – back blade from heat – treated and 14 – gauge steel. They create the blade with 9.25 inches in width and 11 inches in length. The shovel also is not heavy because it just weighs about 4.4 pounds that you take them easily.

Additionally, the Bully Tools 82515 has a welded I-beam style and one ferrule to avoid the curving situation in the blade. The handle is made from fiberglass that is sturdy to tolerate the leverage and other pressure conditions. It is surprising that the Bully Tools 82515 is also rated one of the best shovels for gardeners.


  • The handle is made from sturdy fiberglass, but it still is light when taking in hands.
  • The shovel has a lifetime guaranty for buyers
  • The blade is produced from 14-guage steel and Closed – back design that suffers from the pressure conditions.


  • Though the handle is created from the fiberglass, it is less durable than steel material.

3. Truper 31198 Tru Pro Round Point Shovel

The TruperTru Pro 31198 is estimated an available tool in every working conditions for gardeners because it has a strong construction. The handle can suffer 400 pounds of pressure conditions thanks to its flex point. The manufacturer also gives a lifetime guaranty for customers.

Do you want to break rocky terrain and tough soils? The TruperTru Pro 31198 could be your next option. Because the handle is put 48 – inches strong fiberglass with a 10 – inches cushioned grip. Moreover, the base of the handle has a fortified resin rod that supports the user can break hard land.

The material blade is also durable in the long term. It has heavy 14 – gauge steel for high – level performance. Furthermore, it also has a rivet crimped steel ring that inbuilt to the blade of the handle to helps the users do not get stuff. This shovel just weighs 4 pounds that make a miracle happen with strong and light materials. Hence, it is also one of the best shovels in the hypermarket.


  • This shovel totally has expensive materials with an available price.
  • The handle can suffer from 400 pounds, but it is still lightweight for users.
  • It also has a lifetime guaranty.
  • The blade is made from heavy 14 – gauge steel.


  • Gardeners need to be careful about the cushioned grip is easy to destroy to get danger for users, and they can have an electric shocking.

4. Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel (9668)

Like the TruperTru Pro 31198, the Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel has a 14 –gauge steel blade and a closed – back inside. The blade is made a sharpened design to dig the soil easily. On the flip side, the handle is inbuilt 18 – gauge steel to avoid any breaking and flexing.

Also, the Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel is a little bit heavy gardening tool for most of the users to get and control while digging the surface of the land. It weighs 6.3 pounds.

The manufacturer creates the handle like a teardrop shape to help the users control it without muscle fatigue. The blade is also welded two pieces in the handle for solid dragging. With full of unique features, it is also estimated one of the best shovels in the market.


  • The handle is made from 18 – gauge steel with teardrop inside.
  • Users do not concern about the blade during your working because of welded inside.
  • The manufacturer also gives a lifetime guaranty policy to patrons.


  • It is heavier than other best shovel in the garden equipment stores.

5. True Temper Forged Round Point Excavator Shovel

With the True Temper Forged Round Point Excavator, you will save your budget, and you still have a great shovel tool in your garden working.

The blade is designed for any tough space of the land thanks to forged steel. This is an aggressive blade model.

The handle is made from the fiberglass with 47 – inches to support users control the shovel during their digging time. On the one hand, it also has a cushioned grip that is put at the end of the handle to make gardeners feel more comfortable.

The True Temper Forged Round Point Excavator is a lightweight tool (with 4.2 pounds)for gardeners and kids could use it. Customers agree that this shovel also one of the best shovel in the store.


  • The blade is made for users to break tough areas.
  • It is a lightweight equipment with one cushioned grip.


  • Sometimes, users get stuff with the blade and the handle because they are separated.
  • Users do not have any guaranty from the manufacturer.


For those who have tough land, the Bully Tools 82515 could be your option. And if you get the pain in the knees or the back, TruperTru Pro will help you in the garden. And if you want to save your budget, you could select the Fiskar Long Handle. It is not easy to pick a suitable shovel in the store, but you can pick the best shovels. The choice relies on your needs, preferences, and wants.

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