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Nowadays, people live close to nature, so most households have their own garden.

For those who are living in suburbia, growing fruits or vegetables of various types are no problem, but this one is difficult for urban gardeners, who are living in a tenement with a small balcony.

Correspondingly, the prior selection of the gardeners is the best seed starting mixes, which provide a proper environment for fast-growing seeds whatever where you are living. Let’s learn right now!!!

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

5 Excellent Seed Starting Mixes for the Gardeners – All Things Considered

A Seed Starting Mix vs a Soilless Seed Starting Mix – What They Are…

· Seed Starting Mixes

It is probable that not many people are familiar with this name, but you can simply understand that a seed starting mix is a designed mixture of soil in order that the seeds can germinate and grow in a healthy environment.

If compared to the typical potting soil, these seed mixes are lighter and finer. It is noticed that they make your plant easy to navigate.

· Soilless Seed Starting Mixes

For the novice gardeners, they can feel confused when hearing the name – soilless seed starting mixes. It is really difficult to imagine how to plant a seed without soil.

Perhaps, this is a common question. Simply, we do not know that the nutrients are available in the seed itself. Basically, the nutrients from the soil are not necessary with them until the time later.

You can choose to use peat moss or coconut coir if you want to utilize soilless mixes. There is only a requirement that they do not involve the pathogens or contaminants.

In fact, this one cannot be sure unless those soilless mixes are sterilized.

Pick up One Best Seed Starting Mix – By What Means?

Pick up One Best Seed Starting Mix – By What Means?

· Lightweight & Good-drain

All the seeds need the lightweight soil so as to be able to germinate well. Yes, this is the first standard that you cannot ignore when choosing to purchase a seed starting mix.

Aside from that, the product must also ensure that the organic ingredients are balanced. Like that, the drainage is good.

It is necessary to make sure two these features so that the seeds have a healthy growth environment.

· Ingredients

It is certain that you will not want to buy a bad thing for your seeds. Correspondingly, it recommends that you should consider the ingredients printed on the packaging.

Essentially, the chosen product must have the following ingredients:

Sphagnum – This is one of the essential ingredients that a seed starting mix should have. Due to being a light compound, it makes sure the seeds, which are retained better.

Perlite – It is another vital element in the mix. The seeds will not be able to ventilate and keep water if there do not have this ingredient. Look at, it seems like Styrofoam. Nevertheless, it is composed of the natural volcano mineral.

Vermiculite – This ingredient contributes to helping to prevent your seed from dry. To start growing the plant, it is an important element, which cannot lack. Thanks to it, watering the seeds may eliminate.

Diatomaceous earth – A couple of manufacturers add it to their product like a major ingredient. Its feature is similar to a natural fertilizer, but it has the ability to kill the harmful insects to your seeds.

Diatomaceous earth consists of a variety of minerals such as silicon, sodium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. All they are good for germination and growth.

  • Organic Is Better or Non-Organic

There are both the organic mixes and non-organic mixes for your option. To grow the organic plants, an organic seed starting mix will be an ideal option, which brings a real organic seed.

It is necessary to consider the ingredients or consult the manufacturers. With the purpose, it determines that you are selecting a right organic product.

  • PH

The last one is to mention to a PH level. The germination of the seeds will be based on the alkalinity and acidity of the soil. Essentially, the proper level of PH is about 5.6 – 5.9.

But, importantly, you still need to consider what your seeds are growing in order to ensure the suitable PH level.

Product Reviews – The Best Seed Starting Mixes

Let’s go on reading our article! After defining what you ought to consider buying the best seed starting mix, we will find a right product as desired.

It has experienced many various mixes. Fortunately, we have also found the proper products. The reviews below will help you to have an objective view on each of the mixes.

1. Black Gold 1311002 16-Quart Seedling Mix

There is no denial that the Black Gold 1311002 is a suitable option for the growth of the seeds, especially when they are on the germinated stage.

Using this seed mix, it can ensure your seed gets the regular water penetration because of the organic-wetting agent. Aside from improving the root mass, the Black Gold 1311002 also contributes to strengthening the resilience so that the stems can grow a strong way.

With a 16-quart bag, it is sure that the usage time will not be short. It is noticed that the product is listed by the OMRI – Organic Materials Review Institute.

The product has been combined the Canadian sphagnum peat moss, which is double screened. Furthermore, to strengthen the moisture and aeration for the healthy seeds, it is also composed of other fine elements.

That’s why you can have peace of mind when using because the ingredients are non-clumping, natural and rich in organic.


  • The affordable price
  • Super light and fluffy
  • Very clean
  • It helps the seeds grow quickly
  • The size allows planting plenty of seeds
  • It provides the moisture well


  • Holds too much moisture
  • Dries out quickly

2. Triumph Plant Coco Coir Bricks

The friendliness with the environment and the fine coconut ingredient are the optimal features when mentioning to the Triumph Plant Coco Coir Bricks.

This is a natural product without odor, bacteria, weeds, pesticides or fungal spores. Although there is a tiny amount of salt, it is natural and not significant.

When combining with the soil, it creates a rich-in-nutrient environment for the seeds. Whatever you grow the indoor or outdoor, your plants will be also provided the healthy drainage and aeration. What a versatile it is!

Let’s feel secure! This product is not difficult to use. After soaking in water some minutes to expand, you can mix it with the soil. Don’t think that a coco coir brick is less. Each of the bricks is no under 8 ounces. It likely utilizes for a long time.

Those who have a greenhouse, garden bed, vertical garden, terrariums, individual pot, or landscaping will regret if they ignore this product.


  • Light and fluffy
  • It is good for planting herbs
  • It is really no smell
  • Holds moisture great
  • Combining with the soil brings a good result
  • No chemical


  • Very small square
  • It has a little mess

3. Espoma SS8 8-Quart Organic Seed Starter

You are looking for a seed starting mix for seedlings as well as cuttings, right? Well, you have found the right product. The Espoma SS8 8-Quart Organic Seed is to meet this condition.

The product, which is rich in the natural ingredients, is nearly manufactured to plant both cuttings and seedlings; especially, it contributes to promoting the growth of the root.

The bag consists 8 quarts, so you can utilize for a long period of time.

As mentioned, all the ingredients are natural, in particular, perlite, sphagnum, and peat humus. In additional to that, with the Myco-tone and mycorrhizae mixture, the nutrient and the ability to absorb water is strengthened.


  • Germinates herbs, vegetables, and flowers well
  • The seeds sprouted quickly and healthily
  • Easy to use
  • The pieces have the small size
  • Holds water well


  • A bit moisture
  • Expensive
  • The PH level is not really ideal

4. Hoffman 30103 Seed Starter Soil, 10 Quarts

Since 1934, Hoffman was one of the few manufacturers that had released the high-quality gardening models. The Hoffman 30103 is considered as a support for the growth of the vegetables and flowers.

This is the seed starter soil. Looking at its name, you can know that this product is useful for the germinating process of the seeds.

It is composed of 6 elements, which are blended based on a certain right proportion. The product is nearly light, fertile, and loose. A bag with the 4-pound weight allows you to use a comfortable way.

Thanks to these features, not it is only good for the growth of the seeds but the root cuttings and transplanting also grow well.

If the gardeners enjoy a lightweight product with the optimal characteristics, it is difficult to ignore this seed starting mix when it may meet the most of their demands.


  • Good for indoor sprouting
  • Grows quickly
  • Very fine for the small seeds
  • The perfect texture
  • Light


  • A couple of seeds slowly sprout

5. Jiffy Natural & Organic Starter Mix 16 Quart

You have a lot of pets in your home, so you want to find a safe seed starting mix for them, right? So, the Jiffy Natural & Organic Starter Mix will not make you disappointed.

It can say that the Jiffy is the planters, which effectively use in the hard condition. The most are safe for the pets. This seed starting mix is one of the products made in the U.S, so it is reliable.

The 6-pound weight should be enough for you to utilize in a small garden. According to the name, the main ingredients are natural. It is extremely suitable for the indoor growing seeds.

You that need a benign environment for your plants and pets can add it to your shopping list. The product is guaranteed by the OMRI.


  • Easy to work
  • The plants grow well and quickly
  • The seeds quickly germinate
  • Light and airy
  • Without fungus
  • Good for seedlings and transplants
  • Holds the moisture well


  • Expensive
  • It does not provide much support for growing the plants

Choosing the Best Seed Starting Mixes for the Fast Growth of the Seeds

The gardeners have found a right seed starting mix for themselves, haven’t they?

If you ask me: which the product are the best of the above list, the Hoffman 30103 10-Quart Seed Starter Soil will be my answer. Of course, there is my individual opinion. You can have another option.

Keep in mind what we shared, it believes that you are going to be easy to find one of the best seed starting mixes for your seeds and plants. Remember to consider the area of your garden as well as the numbers of the seeds.

In that way, a right product will reach your hands. Luck to you in finding!!!

James G. Craig

James G. Craig is a gardening enthusiast who splits his spare time between growing vegetables, preening his flower gardens, and blogging about his experiences at the Gardener Corner.

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