Best Leaf Rake for Optimizing Your Gardening Perfectly 2017 – 2018

Optimizing Your Gardening Perfectly thanks to the Best Leaf Rake


As a natural characteristic, in the autumn, leaves fall from trees. It seems to be a romantic scenery at first. But, the story will change afterward. Your garden looks like a chaos which can lessen the freshly green appearance of lawn you have taken much time to grow.

In fact, on the market, sellers keep introducing a broad range of tools supporting for such problem solution. Only when you pick the best leaf rake can you take care of your backyard garden quickly together with saving your time and money.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

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Elements contributing to quality of the best leaf rake

Evaluation whether a leaf rake is practical or not bases on a lot of factors. So, it is necessary for shoppers to consider all of them before making a decision.

Length of handle

In fact, the length plays an important part in the process of choosing a leaf rake since a suitable size can optimize the product’s function. It is a general suggestion that a practical height is from your nose bridge to the ground. A gap between your hand and the handle is in need, but it is just at an acceptable level.

Width of head

Depending on your expectation, the width of the rake’s head varies in range. For example, if your garden has big space, you should think about a leaf rake with a wide head and vice versa. It will shorten the time you need to crab of stuff.


It is true that your execution cannot be good with a heavy tool. You not only feel tired but also waste much time to do other steps. As a recommendation, the weight should be light enough for users to hold in a comfortable way. The lighter the tool is, the longer time you can take use.

Moreover, materials which are in use for the manufacturing process have a strong effect on the weight of products. You can understand their weight as descending order. They are steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass respectively. All rakes usually have a head and a handle coming from various materials.



The first-ranking durable material is the steel. Despite such fact, it is still easy to rust over the time owing to the exposition to the moisture. And the worse will occur unless the manufacturers did not cover them before.


Unlike the former, the material aluminum features a better resistance against rust. However, for the heavy execution, the product may change in the shape which affects the function as well as visual aspect.


It always presents a perfect durability, and there is no maintenance in need.


Wooden tine is soft enough to break under a harsh impact. Even with a high-quality one, the rot is not avoidable in the wet condition.


Tines coming from the plastic material is flexible and have a long lifespan. Nonetheless, it may snap and be brittle during the freezing weather.


It is a deal better for you to try some change with a soft grip in case of feeling signs of blisters on hands. For a pain-back-problem individual, the comfort from the handle is the key element. In such circumstances, a leaf rake with upright handle with suitable length will be the most practical one.

Product Reviews – The Best Leaf Rake

Maybe, you have already had products which meet almost your demand. A list of first-ranking leaf collecting tools is still available for you to enlarge choices.

1.63-Inch-Size Leaf Rake with Adjustability and Expandability Feature from the Gardenite Brand

The first product in the list is from the brand Gardenite. In fact, here is a quite new provider in the gardening market. However, they have received much appreciation from customers because of focusing on the top quality all the time. It is also the reason why such product is in the rank of best-seller ones.

At the first look, the Gardenite leaf rake brings shoppers a far satisfaction about its color and form. Although collecting leaf on the ground do not need to apply many skills, gardeners still want to have a compact tool to work efficiently. And this product will surely reach the expectation.

Moreover, there is no worry about the rake’s length which is suitable for each user. The manufacturers designed it with an adjustable head. So, the size will range from 7 inches to 22 inches.

Another feature lies in the part of handling. By force of zinc material, it is possible for spenders to save the product from rust. It means that a long lifespan is available to ensure the durability. For storage, you just need to reduce the size of the product and place it anywhere you want.

Nonetheless, besides advantages, the product also shows a drawback. In fact, its tines are so wide that users are likely to find it challenging to treat some leaves in a small size. Additionally, your feeling of handling may change a little bit if you get used to taking use of heavy rakes in the past.

2. Fiskars Leaf rake

The second one is the Fiskars leaf rake. For more detailed, since the establishment in the 60s, the Fiskars have made the breakthrough and continuously outperformed. Their core aim is an innovative quality as well as attractive design. And this product is an instance for such efforts.

As a kind of leaf rake in push-broom form, it is a practical option for who are engaged in searching for a leaf collecting device. The presence of a wide head together with narrow tines enable users to move a considerable quantity of falling leaves. Consequently, it takes a little time to make your garden clean from a chaos of leaves.

Moreover, the head with the size of 24-inch length offers tines which are in the curved shape for grabbing leaves. It makes sure that the whole tool shows a perfect clogging resistance in the time of working.

Like previously mentioned rake, the Fiskars one also features a useful handle part. Technically, its length is the nearly same as spender’s one. Hence, there will be a decrease in the strain of the lower back. It is possible for the gardeners to stand upright for any position of grabbing.

Despite the head with the plastic material, users can still appreciate the product because of the brand reputation. The sturdy, as well as light-weighting characteristics, will surely work well with a broad range of users’ heights.

Having said that you should put it into consideration in the case of collecting tons of wet leaves due to the plastic tines. It seems to be a negative point in comparison with the former from the Gardenite brand.

3. Leaf Scoops/Hand Rakes with Adjustable Handles from the GardenHOME Brand

The first potential option for cleaning gardens which is full of leaves and trash to represent is a product from Aspectek – GardenHome Garden and Yard Leaf Scoops which come in each pair of 2 scoops.

As production description from the manufacturer, the scoops are the super-sized tool with the technical dimension of 14.57 x 11.61 x 0.79 inches and weight of 7.8 ounces. The big size of scoops enables users to handle big clusters of leaves, garbage, and other debris in gardens and yards.

Moreover, the material of plastic delivers a light weight and convenience during usage, especially to the children or the old. However, the Aspectek uses a type of durable plastic, so the scoops still meet requirements of sturdiness, ease of clean as well as resistance to corrosion.

Another attention-grabbing feature is the tool’s design which bears a resemblance to claws with a range of rake teeth. Besides, they have adjustable handles to put on, so it is easy to grip bunches of leaves just in one pass without risk of bugs, sharp debris and dirt doing harm to hands.

Moreover, thanks to such unique design, these hand rakes can enable home gardeners to tackle a variety of trash such as leaves, grass piles, plant trimmings, mulch and other debris.

Last but not least, it takes little costs because of its easy storage through hanging holes and reusability from season to season. Therefore, these claw leaf rakes can be a good consideration in term of multifunction and reasonable expense which make garden cleaning easier.

4. Scoops/Hand Rakes in Shape of Lady Bug Lady Bug from the GardenHOME Brand

The second gardening tool introduced is also come from Aspectek which is called Scoops/Hand Rakes in Shape of Lady Bug Lady Bug from the GardenHOME Brand.

At first glance, this tool may appear to be similar to the first one mentioned above. However, there are still several discrepancies between them.

The first difference to notice is the item dimension. With the size of 14.96 x 12.1 x 1.97 inches and weight of 8.2 ounces, the second type of scoops is bigger and more heavy-duty than the former ones. This extension enables users to grasp more leaves and trash in one try and then quickly get uncovered gardens.

Another outstanding feature of such tool is its design which resembles a ladybug with the appearance of a red coat and a range of small circles upon.

It may be the reason why these ladybug-shaped scoops are more expensive than the Aspectek’s normal ones. However, it brings more fun to the tiresome gardening.

Except for such modifications, the overall characteristics of the both versions remain unchanged. In fact, these ladybug-shaped hand rakes have material of durable polycarbonate which guarantees the longevity as well as ease of cleaning.

Moreover, with the assistance of ergonomic handles which are adjustable to fit various hand sizes, it is now more effortless to deal with a wide range of leaves, grass clippings, mulch and trash in gardens. This design also helps users to avoid hurting themselves by touching sharp debris or bugs during cleaning.

In a nutshell, this ladybug-shaped not only relieves home gardeners from fatigue but also adds more fun to the regular tedious gardening.

5. Telescopic Foldable Rake

Last but not least, the representation of Telescopic Rake Folding Rake Garden Rake Heavy Duty Foldable Rake by EZ Travel Distribution will offer another ideal option to the decision making of an ultimate gardening tool.

First, let’s take a general sight at the product appearance. According to published technical details, the telescopic rake has dimensions of 32.4 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches and weight of 2.3 pounds.

Compared to the two hand rakes above, this tool is definitely the largest one. However, the appearance of normal stick handle makes it functional in case of cleaning of larger areas, under hedges or in beds of flowers and plants.

Furthermore, the remarkable feature of this rake is its adjustability. In more details, the rake teeth of this telescopic rake can outspread in a range of from 7.5 inches to 19.5 inches in width.

Additionally, to make it more distinct, the rake can vary in different length within 32 inches at the minimum collapse and up to 62 inches in maximum extension. Thanks to such ergonomic design, it is now as easy as pie to rake various scopes as well as topography, depending on users’ cleaning needs.

Besides the fundamental function of a garden rake, it is capable of reaching and cleaning debris out of window wells, flower beds and other places that are hard to approach. Moreover, it does no damage to the plants, thanks to the gentle movement of smaller head teeth.

Lastly, the material of aluminum alloy is lightweight but still strong enough to grasp and lift heavy piles of leaves or trash. Besides, the rake’s lifespan can last longer as well.


Each product mentioned above features excellent points by their own. However, basing on the elements in the third section of the article, the tool from EZ Travel Distribution should be the best leaf rake.

It is suitable both in price and form. The tines are good enough for numerous sizes and conditions (dry or wet) of leaves. Hence, it is worth for your investment.

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