Best Ice Melters for Slipping-Free from Icy Conditions 2017 – 2018

The Best Ice Melters for Slipping-Free from Icy Conditions


In winter, crisp white snow will adorn everywhere. It transforms your home into a beautiful wonderland. In contrast to the magical scenery, the thick ice may also create the slipping sidewalks. Hazardous!

That’s why you need to have the best ice melters in order to keep the slip-free sidewalks in the icy condition.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

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The Best Ice Melters – What More Can You Find?

How an Ice Melter Works…

When saying to the way to work of ice melters, it is known that they will attract the moisture from the surrounding air as well as the surface of the ice.

By releasing energy and heat, a couple of ice melters function based on the principle of the exothermic chemical reaction. They will absorb the light and heat after dissolving the snow or ice into the brine solution or liquid slush.

To dissolve the ice and snow, the manufacturers have added something in their product to perform that chemical reaction.

You should know that some chemical compounds are to spend for the specific temperatures and are used for the certain surfaces. Here are some chemicals and temperatures that are utilized a common way:

#1. Potassium Chloride (-12 degrees F)

#2. Sodium Acetate (-15 degrees F)

#3. Magnesium Chloride (-15 degrees F)

#4. Calcium Magnesium Acetate (-15 degrees F)

#5. Sodium Chloride (-20 to -22 degrees F)

#6. Calcium Chloride (-25 degrees F)

#7. Others (usually -20 to -22 degrees F)

In What Way Can You Choose the Best Ice Melter?

Before you give a decision to purchase an ice melter, you should learn about the chemical compounds in the ice melters. Here are…

  • Calcium chloride

It is utilized in the majority of the commercial and residential properties. Although calcium chloride makes the ice melt quickly, it likely damages vegetation and the concrete areas if you use it for a long time.

Apart from forming the brine, calcium chloride still creates the heat to speed up melting. To spread the ice melter on the surface of the sidewalk, you can use a spreader cart or a salt spreader.

  • Calcium magnesium acetate

This chemical blend is friendlier with the surrounding environment. The corrosion is also less than chloride. Nonetheless, its only drawback is not to work at the colder temperature well.

  • Magnesium chloride

This is also a friendly type of chemical blends. Frequently, it efficiently works for the temperature from -13 to -150F.

  • Potassium chloride

The ice melter with the potassium chloride is friendly with both the environment. You can use it for the concrete surface because of the low corrosive effect. But, it likely damages the plants and is bad for pets with kidney issues.

  • Sodium chloride

It can say that sodium chloride is the cheapest type of the chemical blends in the ice melter. It works a fast way of melting ice. However, it may damage the concrete surfaces.

It does not recommend for the pets because sodium chloride can make your pets sick. The worst case is fatal if they eat it.

In additional to that, this is not an excellent option for the environment owing to your plants can get damaged. Though it is considered as a good choice to melt the ice, its efficiency is about -200F.

  • Urea/ carbonyl diamide

This type is ideal for melting the ice at home because it is not damaging to your pets. Besides, it is also safe for your sidewalks. Regretfully, for the thick ice, it is not too efficient.

Product Reviews – The Best Ice Melter

Have you known which chemical blends in the ice melter are suitable for your needs? Well, now, we will look at the best products below. Through our reviews, it hopes that you will recognize their essential benefits as well as their disadvantages.

1. Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter

You have a pet in your home, don’t you? So, if you are looking for the safe ice melter for your pet, the Safe Paw Non-Toxic product is to spend for you.

This is a high-quality product, which is packed in a plastic jug – so handy! By using the time-releasing formulation, the applied surface will last. That’s why it is highly appreciated by most customers.

This ice melter does not come with the toxic features. It is very safe for kids and pets, who play on the ice surface. If you use it for the concrete surface, it is not a problem because they don’t create any damaged reactions to that surface.

This product consists of the components such as the carbonyl diamide and glycol admixture. The combination of both creates the non-toxic dual compound, which reaches into the ice deeply and melts the ice a fast way.

This is my favorite product because it can work efficiently on most surfaces, in particular, concrete, paving, and asphalt. It is noticed that this melter can still work at low temperatures.

View from different angles, it is placed in a jug, so it is easy to carry. With a bluish color, you will easily track the applied areas. Furthermore, it is absolutely safe for your pets. It is so good, right?


  • It makes the ice melt quickly
  • It is safe and non-toxic
  • Don’t bother the dog’s paws
  • The reasonable price


  • Don’t cover a large area
  • It is not safe on all concrete

2. Snow Joe MELT25CCP-BKT Ice Melt

But frankly speaking, the MELT25CCP-BKT ice melter from Snow Joe is a safe product, which brings the fast result to get rid of the ice. In addition to creating the brine from absorbing the surrounding moisture, it still generates the heat to melt the ice quickly.

Its secret strength is to rely on the percent of calcium chloride used ~ 94%. The Snow Joe MELT25CCP-BKT ice melter can help you tackle the thickest ice at the low-temperature ~ -250F.

It is noticed that the power of this melter likely lasts throughout 24 hours in a day. Thanks to the high purity of calcium chloride chemicals, it makes the ice melt faster than other general ice melters.

Aside from that, the calcium chloride formulation helps stay the applied surface extended within 24 hours. It makes sure the freeze cycle is controlled better.

This product is safe for most patios, steps, driveways, entryways, sidewalks, and so on. With the advanced formula, it can melt the ice without damaging to the concrete, metals, grass, vegetation,…

You easily utilize the right amount of the ice melter because it comes with a measuring scoop. What a handy it is!


  • It melts the ice quickly
  • The scoop is durable
  • The bucket is not difficult to open
  • It is friendly with the environment


  • It does not melt much
  • It is only been icy out three times

3. Safe Paw Ice Melter 35Lb

It is covered by the rock salt and consists the non-toxic compounds, so the Safe Paw Ice Melter is safe for both the humans and pets. Even, it is also harmless to the trees, the surfaces like stone and concrete,…

The major components in this ice melter involve glycol and carbonyl diamide. Similar to other products from Saw Safe, they also combine the different materials to create the dual-effect compound, which brings an optimal result.

This compound is non-toxic and non-corrosive. At once, its penetration into the ice and snow is efficient, so the ice melts quickly.

Nonetheless, there is a different point. Instead of releasing the heat when contacting the ice, this product draws the heat from the sun. Correspondingly, the performance is exceptional.

It is amazing! Its performance can last in three days. With the different color, you can easily recognize the positions where you have applied the ice melter.

All in all, this is a safe product for the pets. It is friendly with the surrounding environment. It helps keep the ice-free surface for three days. It is worth to use, right?


  • It is great for the dog paws
  • It makes the ice melt quickly
  • Without sidewalk damage
  • No harm to cement, grass, kids, and pets


  • It does not work at all
  • It is pretty expensive

4. 96% Pure Calcium Chloride Ice Melt

There is no denial that 96% Pure Calcium Chloride Ice Melt is powerful in melting the ice. If compared to the rock salt, its speed is more 36 times. You want more than that, right?

Look at here, this melter can work at the super low temperatures ~ -400F. It is worth to say that its performance is perfect. Melting the ice is very quick.

With 4 percent of calcium silicate, 96 percent of calcium chloride contributes to generating the heat and melting the ice quickly whether there are the thick ice buildups. That’s why they can work at the low temperature.

What’s more, this product has the deice capacity in a superior way. It means that you just need to utilize a small quantity of the pellets. Yes, they will melt more ice than the general melters.

This is one of the little pellets, which allow you to use an easy manner. You can use them a direct way to the ice unless you likely dissolve them in the water after spreading them as a liquid.

All things considered, these round-shaped pellets are easy to remove the ice on a variety of the surfaces, including, walkways, porches, driveways, parking lots, patios, roofs, and more.

*Note: This mixture likely becomes hot when mixing. Consequently, let’s leave it cool before applying them.


  • It is easy to sprinkle
  • The usage time is to last
  • It is effective on the walkways and driveways
  • Work well
  • The clear manual


  • The price is not cheap
  • The pellets seem small

5. Plash 12Lb Ice Melt

A good suggestion for those who are finding the best ice melter to remove the ice on the concrete and the porous surfaces is the Plash Ice Melt, 12Lb. 12 pounds are contained in a jug. It has the ability to melt the snow and ice down to 50F.

The major components include sodium chloride and potassium. Both contribute to creating the heat in order that the pellets can melt the ice a quick way.

With a handy jug, you can easily carry and use. The bluish color makes them become different from the snow and ice. Therefore, you may recognize the shaken position and the non-shaken one.

You can apply them to the surfaces such as the step, driveways, sidewalks, and others. Nonetheless, it recommends that you must wear the gloves when using and rinse your hands after because they can irritate the eyes and skin.


  • Easy to clean off
  • Easy to use
  • It is not too heavy
  • Work well


  • The pellets seem large

Choosing the Best Ice Melters for Slipping-Free from Icy Conditions

What we shared with you are the best ice melters available on the market today. They are safe for your sidewalks, pets, kids, trees and yourself.

Generally, anything has its value. Based on our information, it believes that you can entirely choose the safe product to use. Happy shopping enjoy!!!

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