Best Hose Nozzles for The Most Surprising Watering 2017 – 2018

Best Hose Nozzles for The Most Surprising Watering

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The reality shows that irrigation has been not simple as many people still think. Only when a proper watering is available can plants grow well. It is the reason why gardeners always focus on searching for high-quality hoses. However, they are hose nozzles which reach a core position for such execution.

The nozzle is a part which is in connection with the end of the hose. It enables users to control the water level and save time. Recognition of demand makes gardening manufacturers be engaged in introducing new products to the public. Hence, shoppers may be confused to pick the best hose nozzles a little bit.

Before getting more information about this device, let’s take a quick look at video

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

Product Name Quality Price Our Rating
12380 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Brass and Adjustability Feature by Dramm A+ $
9-Pattern Hose Nozzle with Pistol Grip Trigger by SprayTec A+ $
10-Pattern Hose Nozzle with High Pressure by Gardenite A+ $
XT301 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Metal Feature by Melnor A+ $
Set of Hose Nozzle by Tabor Tools A+ $

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

Best Hose Nozzles for The Most Surprising WateringIntroductionElements in line with choosing the best hose nozzles you need to knowMaterialsA nozzle from metalA nozzle with a combination of metal and plasticA nozzle from plasticStylesTraditional modelsPistol grip modelsDial modelsProduct Reviews – The Best Hose Nozzle1. 12380 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Brass and Adjustability Feature by Dramm2. 9-Pattern Hose Nozzle with Pistol Grip Trigger by SprayTec3. 10-Pattern Hose Nozzle with High Pressure by Gardenite4. XT301 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Metal Feature by Melnor5. Set of Hose Nozzle by Tabor ToolsChoosing the Best Hose Nozzle for Your Yard and Garden

Elements in line with choosing the best hose nozzles you need to know

In general, there are some notes regarding the hose nozzles’ features which every shopper should considerate. Here they are:


Firstly, the materials which are in need to produce the nozzles should be the priority for the options. Having said that it has considerable effects on the durability of products. For a nozzle, it includes two main parts, namely, a sprayer and a handle. The diversity of brands makes them different in materials as well as prices.

On the market, a broad range of such parts is from metal. However, with the purpose of cutting the price, a lot of manufacturers take advantage of plastic for nozzles entirely. Besides, many create a combination of metal of the sprayer and plastic for the handle.

A nozzle from metal

For a long period of time, metal nozzles have got much appreciation from users. Despite being heavy, they still present longer durability than ones with the plastic material. Some ideal choices are brass, aluminum along with zinc.

Additionally, build quality and covering are also in need to consider. It means that buyers had better see how well all pieces meet together and what coating materials are in use to protect the products from environment conditions.

A nozzle with a combination of metal and plastic

The first distinct characteristic of such kind is the light weight. It is because that the metal is for sprayers and the plastic is for handles. Especially, the plastic material can prevent rust coming from sweat hands. Moreover, it is also the best option for buyers with a tight budget.

A nozzle from plastic

Although gardeners may find it cheap to take use of total plastic nozzles, they do not belong to suggestion so far. Over years or even months, it is true that the nozzles fail in withstanding pressures from water and impacts from the environment including sun and rain.


The higher watering demand increases, the more nozzle models are available. Depending on purposes, space and plant characteristics, gardeners pick several types of hose nozzles.

Traditional models

Brass and zinc are two common materials making of this model. Hence, a heavy weight is not avoidable. By force of a simple structure, you do not have many optional functions to choose from other modern products.

By contrast, their materials can ensure a long-lasting use for spenders over the years. However, they are not convenient models at all.

Pistol grip models

It is the model of hose nozzle which customers like the most on the market. The model brings convenience in using. Spenders just need to hold it and then their palm press the handle’s trigger automatically to activate the water flow. Furthermore, users can adjust the level of water by the pressure they put on the handle by the palm.

At first sight, it is not hard to see the combination of plastic and metal in such product. Since it is not in production of only one material, there are a lot of moving parts found. It is the reason why every user must pay attention to this issue and choose a high-quality product.

Dial models

Most of the spenders regard such type as a new generation of hose nozzles. On the front of the product, a dial is available. It helps users outperform in changing the pattern of spraying. Normally, there are approximately six patterns, namely, jet, flat, cone, mist, soak, sprinkle and shower.

In case that you do not take advantage of the product for only one purpose, here should be your first choice. Many activities such as garden watering and car cleaning do not matter with the dial hose nozzle model.

Product Reviews – The Best Hose Nozzle

Product Name Quality Price Our Rating
12380 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Brass and Adjustability Feature by Dramm A+ $
9-Pattern Hose Nozzle with Pistol Grip Trigger by SprayTec A+ $
10-Pattern Hose Nozzle with High Pressure by Gardenite A+ $
XT301 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Metal Feature by Melnor A+ $
Set of Hose Nozzle by Tabor Tools A+ $

1. 12380 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Brass and Adjustability Feature by Dramm

Featured in this list, the hose nozzle from the Dramm brand is the first-ranking product for a perfect durability. For the material of brass, there is no worry about rust or other worsens states in the future. Besides, here is an imported hose nozzle from the USA. Hence, all features are always on top.

Thanks to a simple design, the nozzle enables users to cleanse all corners, from a large garden to the smallest ones in houses. Moreover, it is possible to set up the nozzle with a diversity of hose. And an impressively high level of water flow makes the product different among masses.

Unlike other hose nozzle which shows a conjunction between metal and plastic, this nozzle is a barrier for any condition of water leaking. It is because the whole tool is from brass only.

With the size similar with two fingers, the 12380 Hose Nozzle of Dramm allows you to adjust some water patterns or even stop it after use just by one hand. In addition to all positive points, there is a drawback for such product is the heavy weight of the material of brass. But, in general, it is still acceptable.

2. 9-Pattern Hose Nozzle with Pistol Grip Trigger by SprayTec

If you do not prefer the design of the previous product, you can turn to another one from the SprayTec brand. It is worthy of being your loyal partners in caring for vegetable gardens to a mini-greenhouse.

The hose nozzle from the SprayTec brand is evidence for a heavy-duty product generation. Both body and trigger are from metal totally. Besides, a top-quality gun is a strong advantage against unexpected states including rust and corrosion. Furthermore, a bezel from rubber has a function of protecting the device from drops.

In addition to the functionality of dropping resistance, the rubber nozzle also offers hands a convenience as holding for a long time. It is not challenging to squeeze the piston grip and lock it with a buckle for spraying continuously.

Water pattern adjustment plays an essential role in the popularity of a modern hose nozzle. For such product, users can change the patterns easily and quickly for numerous watering demands. The adjustability system allows you to modify the pressure on the flow of water.

Finally, shoppers cannot ignore the USA-based garden hoses quality of this product. Besides, no adapter is in need. With the nozzle, a set of o-ring washers from the material of rubber is available for leaking prevention over the time.

3. 10-Pattern Hose Nozzle with High Pressure by Gardenite

For many who fall in love with the second hose nozzle, a product from the Gardenite brand is not a bad idea.

Firstly, for production, metal is the main ingredient. A special thing is that entire of the metal parts are through an enamel baking process. It also means durability of the product. This method not only brings the hose nozzle a pretty look but also a strong coating. Such betterment makes it take advantage over ones from plastic.

Secondly, by force of ten patterns of watering, it is possible for users to optimize the product’s function. The utilization can be for supporting fertilizer spread. Another way is for making a hard surface clean or even wash your pets.

Thirdly, to serve customers a convenient holding part, the manufacturer designs a grip covered by the material of rubber. Unlike metals, such material prevents all damages for the hand skin like blisters. The hose nozzle with a rubber covering which is soft will be comfortable enough for you to water in a long time.

Finally, you can see a wider part at the point of water output. A controlling knob is the way the manufacturer calls it. This is where you can take the adjustment for the water pattern by the pressure change basing on using requirement.

A reduction in the pressure of water is one of the most common issues found in a low-quality hose nozzle. It causes the nozzle to render a pitiful pattern. However, as a heavy-duty product along with the water controlling adjustment, the Gardenite hose nozzle will not make you disappoint.

4. XT301 Hose Nozzle with Heavy-Duty Metal Feature by Melnor

The next product from the list is the one by the Melnor brand. For years, such brand has shown a continuous innovation for both quality and services.

The right gardening nozzle is the one who can make differences. The XT301 model of the Melnor makes it simple to execute all your chores in line with gardening like planting vegetable and herbs. A nice characteristic is a construction which is very solid altogether with the adjustment for pressure on the water flow.

With the feature of easily attaching to hoses, such nozzle can be in use for multi purposes. They consist of irrigating plants, showering pets and more. Moreover, the convenience for handling and controlling lie in the well-structured rubber front trigger of the nozzle. So, it is hard to slip during usage.

5. Set of Hose Nozzle by Tabor Tools


The last one on the top five is a set, not a single product. It seems to be a combination of the first and the other products mentioned above. The brand Tabor Tools provides spenders a comfort for hose nozzle using.

It is a two-in-one product. You just need to buy one package to own two models of hose nozzles for various uses. With such couple, you no longer concern about a case in which plastic parts of the nozzle falling apart after only a few times of spending thanks to the standard of the GHT connector.

With the presence of seven patterns for watering, there is a broad range of tasks which users can do with such pair of tools. First of them is to provide enough water for plants to grow well. The second one is to clean a hard yard surface by the jet pattern instead of using a pricey investment for a sump pump.

Choosing the Best Hose Nozzle for Your Yard and Garden

Basing on the list of top 5 best hose nozzles along with some tips mentioned above, it will become easier for you to choose a suitable product.

For material, a nozzle from both metal and plastic always gets the appreciation. For prices, all of them shows acceptable one. Moreover, the piston style seems to be an ideal decision for anyone who is engaged in gardening, even beginners.

From all aspects, among products here, the fifth set of the Tabor Tools should be the first choice.

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