Best Greenhouse Kit for Backyard Gardeners 2017 – 2018

Best Greenhouse Kit for Backyard Gardeners


Buying a greenhouse is a wonderful investment for you to enjoy the year- round gardening whether you are a professional with a green thumb or a beginner gardener.

Nowadays you can buy greenhouse through the Internet in any size and shape, from big size greenhouse kits made of durable, easy to assemble and lightweight materials to mini ones that all the way fit on table top. But how can the gardener choose the best one when there are a variety of greenhouse kit options for them?

Below is the list of the Best Greenhouse Kit available on the market nowadays. Customers highly appreciate them because of their various functionality and distinguishing characteristics.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

How to choose the best greenhouse kit?

To make the best use of your money and time, there are some elements to consider before purchasing the best greenhouse kit working for you.

The first thing to think over is that you are going to growing in how much space. Take into account the cost corresponding to the greenhouse size. If you are just starting to do the gardening for the first time, perhaps the starter kit is, in general, all that you need.

  • Price

The size of the greenhouse goes with its cost. The larger the kit is, the costlier. It is brilliant to make a quick price comparison in relation to the size. Taller greenhouse kits provide more room in comparison with the low-overhead-space standard ones, so they can typically be more friendly budget.

If you grow your own produce, investment in the long term can advance.

  • Lighting

Something else to consider is the solar light strength which your planet receive from the sun. You need to think about determining the panel glaze. Should you choose semi-opaque, opaque or clear paneling?

Every glaze provides the different strength of light. Making the panel choice depends on how you grow plants. Growing plants to maturity or beginning with seedlings require the different strength of the diffused light.

If you think over your insulation and lighting needs, it will help you create a flourishing garden. If you don not make the appropriate preparation, these are important elements not to skip over so that you will not get the frustrating first year in gardening.

  • Insulation material and climate

How is the climate in the place where you are living? If you want to grow plants all year round while ice and snow are the characteristics of the months in the winter, it is necessary to have appropriate insulation for preserving heat. Also, it is worth mentioning that the roof can collapse because of the snow buildup on your covering.

Make sure to decide on a durable and sturdy covering that can cope with severe conditions. When colder months are generally getting warmer, owning a snow-proof covering is unnecessary. It may make the plants worse rather than better.

Single-walled polycarbonate or tempered glass panels can be all you need. Consider buying the greenhouse kit which has proper insulation materials that are well suitable to the climate conditions.

  • Layout of landscape

The good location to put your greenhouse on is the place that receives good sunlight. Taking note of the sun pattern over some days to have the general thought about where light hits before combining the kits is also a good tip.

Before purchasing, make sure that you have approximated the regional zoning regulations. There might be some restrictions or permits on the type or the size of the greenhouse.

1. Ogrow Deluxe WALK-IN 3 Tier 6 Shelve Portable GREENHOUSE

If you are garden hobbyist that wants to enjoy vegetables and flowers all year round, the Ogrow 77” H x 56” W x 29” D Single Mini Walk-in Greenhouse is the best for you.

It will be suitable for you on the lawn, backyard, garden and even the balcony right in front of your home, decks, and patios.

This Greenhouse is one of the lightest portables with the weight of under 15 pounds. The width of the footprint is 56 inches and its depth is 29 inches, which gives you the growing space of about 10 square feet. Most of the gardeners can fit in because the height of the ceiling is over 6 feet.

Greenhouse cover is one of the distinguishing features of this product. You can easily get access to the inside thanks to the clear plastic and heavy duty cover with the full-length roll up. The construction of the heavy-duty Cover ensures that it will not crack or fade in the sun as well as years of steady use.

Moreover, with the Walk-in Design, it provides easy access, ventilation and enough growing space for the big size plants.

In the winter, some inventive gardeners use this model in the basement to keep pests away from the early seedlings. If you have the cat which thinks dirt in your house is theirs, this can prevent it from pooping, tracking and digging the mud around.

Also, it highlights sturdy powder-covered and dark green frame. It provides a lot of support for trays and spots as well as is used for rust protection. Moreover, it is constructed with powder- covered and heavy duty steel shelving which can hold heavy plants.


  • Easy for assembling
  • Longer lasting and stronger life span
  • Anchoring systems guarantee the sturdiness securely even in the worst weathers.
  • Perfect for showing the greenery in the full sun.
  • Clear strong durable cover produced from heavy duty components.


  • The cost is nice, however, construction is a little lightweight.
  • Shelve is flimsy, others are okay.

2. Flower House FHCV900 Conservatory Greenhouse, Clear

This pop- up, portable greenhouse is ideal for you to lengthen the growing season.The design of the conservatory is lightweight and compact for setup, takedown and easy transport- assembly is not required.

When the vents are open, the air can circulate in the Conservatory to make plants preparation for planting in the outdoors. When the vents are closed, the plants stay protected from birds, insects, and other pests as well as frost, wind, and snow. Now you are able to do the gardening all year round.

The door of the Conservatory is placed in the center of the maximum inside space usage. The straps are fixed above the vents and to the door side to ventilate your Conservatory and keep them open when you are working in your garden.

At last, clear PVC component is produced with long life in mind and resistant to UV for the longer life.


  • Easy and quick set up on hard surfaces and soils in a few minutes
  • Extend growing season and protect your plants
  • Clear PVC components with UV resistance for a longer time
  • Maintain and promote humility at a high level to create a growing environment that is superior.
  • Greenhouse can be set up over existing bushes and trees thanks to open floor.


  • It is impossible to construct this greenhouse alone like other flower house units
  • Hard to bring together but worth effort.
  • The circular spring over the top does not remain expanded.

3. Greenhouse-Spring Gardener Peak Roof Walk In Portable Garden Hot House Fully Enclosed – Screend Windows for Ventilation, Zippered Door (6’W x 8’L x 7’H) Small Hobby Greenhouse for decks, patios, porches, backyards

If you are the person who loves plants and wants to be a small grower or a hobby gardener, this greenhouse is the best choice for you.

In fact, these greenhouses don’t need to use any hardware to assemble. Moreover, they are also very lightweight and sturdy. They are designed with wingnut frame in order to help people feel easy to assemble. Truthfully, it just takes two people to do that in 30 minutes or less.

One specific thing about this model amazing you is its weight. In fact, it weighs less than 65 pounds. Therefore, even after all pieces of the greenhouse are assembled, it is dramatically light, which allows you to move it around your lovely yard.

The pellucid plastic sheeting is provided with UV resistance. Furthermore, this sheeting will last for long years because it is used as the frame.

VENTED WINDOWS is one of the typical features for the greenhouses. This greenhouse has automatically scroll up windows in order to provide fresh air to the room. These windows are also screened to prevent pests that might destroy your plants from breaking into.

The frame of the greenhouse is definitely SOLID. In fact, the Steel Frame is coated with powder in order to add an ornamental touch as well as resist rust. Moreover, exact fittings make the frame become stronger if it is windy when correctly anchored.

In addition, the roof is designed to give as much headroom as possible. The frame of the greenhouse will also help smaller hanging plants.

In short, this greenhouse will be really helpful for those who want to protect their herb gardens or outdoor plants during the penetrating cold of the winter. In order to use the greenhouse more effectively, it is better to place it directly on the top of your garden area.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to add some freestanding shelves (they are sold separately which help increase the work space and storage.


  • Well-founded protection for seedlings as well as plants
  • Great operation, easy assembly, wonderful design
  • Well-made frame
  • The windows are typically designed
  • Powerful and cheap alternative


  • The plastic is not powerful enough to adapt to every stormy weather condition.
  • Should have been better off with clear

4. Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse, Clear

If you tend to safeguard your plants as well as expand your growing season, the Flower House Springhouse is the best option for you. In fact, it is really wonderful to improve hazard climate conditions in all geographic locations.

The environment of the greenhouse encourages the gardeners to keep their plants always green. As a result, the plants can bloom earlier with a head beginning at the summer and spring months. Moreover, the gardeners can grow plants all year round.

The first characteristic of this product is that it is easy to assemble. This pop-up greenhouse can be assembled easily and quickly. Additionally, it can be folded back up in order to become a shoulder bag and easier and more convenient for the gardeners to store and bring away.

Screened ventilation openings of the greenhouse give advantageous air circulation for the growth and the health of your plants. In addition, closing the vents enables to maintain and promote high moisture levels.

PVC construction provides long-lasting performance with 36 cu. Furthermore, the capacity of the greenhouse gives more spaces for your plants.

This greenhouse is really perfect for you to sprout your whole summer’s garden as well as bush from the wind or protect potted shrubs.


  • Set up easily and quickly on rigid surfaces or soil in minutes
  • Helps to Expand your growing season and protect your plants
  • UV protection with clear PVC material for longer lifespan
  • Helps to maintain and increase high moisture levels so as to create a superior growing environment
  • Open floor permits the greenhouse to be established over existing bushes and trees


  • The transparent plastic is not suitable for cold weather conditions. Therefore, it is easy to crack and split when the temperature goes down into 30s
  • Completely something for spring only

5. Palram Snap & Grow 8′ Series Hobby Greenhouse – 8 x 8 x 9 Silver

This greenhouse kit is really suitable for those who are not dramatically handy. The SmartLock™ connector system encourages this greenhouse to become one of the simplest and quickest on the market.

Palram Snap & Grow 8′ Series Hobby Greenhouse is made of polycarbonates, which helps to turn colors many times and not to become brittle. Polycarbonate is known as one of the strongest polymers, which makes it hard to break and shatter the same as glass. More than 90 percent transmission of light to lower plant burn and 100 percent UV protection help to prevent your plants from harmful and poisonous solar radiation.

This greenhouse has plenty of special features. Some of them are crystal-clear, tough SnapGlas™ panels bring in a large amount of light which your plants definitely love to enjoy. Moreover, there are also an adjustable roof vent and huge double doors, which creates flexible ventilation.

Additionally, the 8’x8’ base size package gives the gardeners more optional expansion kits and various head rooms. This product truly meets all your needs for your hobby garden.

Installation is really easy and flexible. Because it is designed to work as a do-it-yourself project, you don’t need any special tool.

SmartLock connectors make it easier for the gardeners to place the frame into locations and help polycarbonate slide into channels easily. As a result, your snap and grow greenhouse are always ready to start growing in any time and weather condition.


  • Over 90 percent light transmission and 100 percent UV protection directly onto your plants
  • Polycarbonate panels gives UV rays resistance
  • Five-year limit guarantee
  • US-based customer support encourage to give you piece of mind
  • Powerful structure which is suitable for winter use with a few caveats


  • Sometimes, strong winds can rip panels out
  • Sliding doors, air leaks are the causes to be jammed
  • Vent windows do not shut fitly
  • Replacing door gasket often takes many hours

Choosing the Best Greenhouse Kit for Your Backyard Gardeners

If you are a person who really loves gardening, you can completely find a greenhouse with a reasonable price. Hopefully, with our article, you can be able to choose the best greenhouse kit. Please share our article with your family and friends if you find it really useful.

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