Best Garden Fork for Supporting You All Day 2017 – 2018

Best Garden Fork for Supporting You All Day


Everyone wants their garden to be beautiful, but gardening is a time-consuming and labor-intensive undertaking. Although you are a professional or amateur gardener, one of the tools you need is a garden fork. Choosing the best garden fork is not only improves your efficiency but it also saves your back.

By this article, I hope you will turn towards the best garden fork for your situation and get ready for spring planting. I will take a close look at some of the great options, focus specifically on the back friendly equipment, effective and simple to use.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

About the garden fork

Some details about the garden fork will support you to choose the good one. The bigger the garden fork is, the heavier it is. You often stay in your garden for several hours. How large is your garden? Or it is a small one. These simple questions help you decide what are you need.

Choosing the best garden fork

When considering a new weeding tool, ask yourself about your need. Only you can answer this question exactly, you can take the best tool for you.

Types of the garden fork

While buying, you should know many kinds to look around. At the result, the garden fork will be used in most garden situations. The knowledge will support you find the most suitable for you.

Digging fork

The digging forks are believed the best basic garden tool. They are often long and work in standing posture. They often have four claws but in some cases they have more which depends on your demand.

Although digging forks are wonderful to break and move the soil, they also work well in hard soil. Factually, the digging fork owns the multi functions in using for anythings in the garden or the farm related.

This kind has a light weight. With the even and flat edges, this fork uses well in the digging land into the clay, sand or liquid. Besides, it can use in mixing the nutrients, transporting soil in spring and harvesting potatoes or the different vegetables.

Pitch fork

Every farmer owns at less one pitch fork for their work. The pitch fork is the excellent tool for doing with the dry straw and grass. If you often clean the cattle pigsty, move the dry grass package or anything else relating to the dry grass, the garden fork is the best for you.

They have four claws and divide equally to turn completely. Besides, they still become the best transporter for compost or the undisciplined materials.

Potato fork

If you plant the potatoes, this kind of fork is exactly the thing you need. It is created to lift the potatoes from the soil, not to dig. These stakes are not sharp. In fact, a potato fork is designed carefully not to damage the main potatoes.

The garden fork may own more tines because the care is not to lose more potatoes. The more tines the garden fork has, the fewer capacities the potatoes fall down from the space.

Hand fork

This is a kind of garden fork is small and fit to your hand. It works best in the small garden or the small works. If you plant one or two trees, the hand fork also becomes a wonderful tool.

However, you should not use hand fork for the big works or in the large garden. It just makes the works more difficultly and takes you much time.

Garden Fork

This is a garden fork that you want your land is not messed by the clay or the hard soil. Garden fork has four long and super hard tines and finishes with a sharp point to stab easily into the ground.

The best tine is forged by the carbon dioxide steel and having a plugging place or connected by and. It is wonderful to break the hardest place of the soil, even digging the foot of the tree if need.

Border Forks

Border fork seems the small model of the garden fork. Although the small size it is, it os the hardest tool. It is so wonderful when working in a small space with an effective equipment.

The price

The cost must be acceptable. Of course, some people think is a reasonable price may seem cutthroat to others. You should choose the suitable price for you and help you the most effectively.

As almost garden tools, you can find the garden forks in all price levels. The good one may take you much money, but the quality, the strength, and the warranty will economize as much as possible. Besides, you have not to put your tool into the dustbin each year.


The tine

Most of the garden forks are made of the polished stainless steel, a part of a tool. However, there are many tines have the less quality and easy to curve or damage. This is the first part of the garden fork taking the pressure when they working.

The axle

They are usually made of wood because they can sustain the weather. Some axles are made of polypropylene. They are so strong but they need to be stored in the container when not using because the sun can damage them. Some models can guarantee even 10 years.

Some of them own the steel axle. But they are often heavier than the others. This kind may not be the best choice for the indoor gardeners but is wonderful for the commercial using.


The best garden fork should be attached to a 10-years warranty. All models in the top own 10-years warranty. Normally, if the products have an error within first 30 days, you can return it to the distributor. After that, you have to return to the manufacturer.

What is the best way when using the garden fork?

When using the garden fork, you should consider how it affects your body. Your hands seem the part of the body working directly with the fork. If you have a plan to use the garden fork in a long time, you have to protect your hands out of the pain symptoms.

The best way to prevent is wearing the gloves when working. To your hands, you need not use two hands. Certainly, if you use the fork to dig the soil, you have to hold tightly the hand fork.

How to choose the right garden fork?

There are some ways to choose the suitable fork in the first gardening working. However, you just ask yourself: “ what kind of work do you need?”

First, you have to look around your working space. If you have a small garden, the best choice for you is the small garden fork. You can sit when you working. If your space is large, of course, you need the big one.

Then, you also need the fork bringing your body the comfortable feeling. It needs not to own a soft onlay in hand fork, but you will need something working with you and vice versa. Depending on the time you stay in your garden daily or weekly will help you define this detail.

The comfortable in using

It should be easy to use the tool. The tools that are really complicated to use are too much trouble. If a tool is too hard to use, they give the same reason.

They will make it easy and easy for you to remove weeds. That involves being able to do that when standing up. That way you will not end up with a painful back from doing much bending or knee pain because of doing too much kneeling.

Also, you will not end up with painful hands from trying dig up the soil.

1. Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools Stainless Steel Hand Fork

This traditional hand fork is quite basic and owns the wonderful function.

The oak wood hand is designed with the comfortable for your hands and protects your joints. The steel which is stainless will also protects three tines out of the stain ease like the other metals. If you forget to leave them in rain, do not worry!

The function

  • Easier to dig up the soil, prevent the soil sticking to the tines when used and protects them from rust.

  • Withstands the weather and can be used in all conditions of rain or shine without damaging the garden fork.

  • Comfortable to use and is very good forking in the more restricted area and between plants as the fork is not too wide.

  • Minimize disturbance to the surrounding plants (typically a garden lawn).


  • The stainless steel.
  • The oak wood hand.
  • Durable and working through the hard soil.


  • They are not too flexible (but they serve their purpose).

2. Truper 30293 Tru Tough Spading Fork

True, the 30-inch hand is one of the best garden fork owning a reasonable price. Four sharp tines help it easy to use with the dry grass, compost, and soil. Making of steel, it guarantees the highly progressive for your garden and farmer working.

The function

  • Avoid shedding of trees when transplanting plants.

  • Avoid damaging the crop.

  • To lift weed roots under the ground e.g couch grass, it breaks soil from clumps to extract weeds in a piece.

  • When opening the earth without moving large amounts of land. There is less damage to the worm and soil than a spider.

  • To move fibrous yarns such as straw, weeds


  • Four tines, suitable for many purposes.
  • One hand D
  • Steel-plated.
  • Wide sphere of action


  • The quality is not good of some brands.

3. Radius Garden 203 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Digging Fork

Radius Garden is a common fork. It owns a hand design “O-Handle” that especially brings the perfectly strong against the traditional models. This detail is useful for the hardest land. Factually, the hand is not slip and light.

The Radius Garden is made of strong steel, four tines are the sharp and square shape with the purpose to bring land, grass and many things else.


  • Anti-slip
  • The tine is made of stainless steel, durable inspite of working with the hard soil.
  • O-Handle


  • Customer service is not good, you have to transport by yourself.

4. Fiskars Steel D-Handle Ergo Garden Fork

The wonderful thing of the gardener fork Fiskars owns 47 inches length. It is made of the steel that brings it the durable and progressive element to finish the work.

To the hand, it is designed by the traditional D corner where the force of your hand and your wrist stay put in one position to support the best qualification.

These Fork Fiskars are good in many duties including to transport compost, soil, and stone. It seems the multi-fork.


  • Wielding steel
  • Comfortable hand
  • Stronger than other forks.


  • The claws are not sharp enough.

5. Spear & Jackson Professional Potato Fork

The wonderful information about this product is it is not real strong steel. You are not worried about the bending or breaking under the pressure or the weight.

Four claws are larger to lift the potato. Spear & Jackson Professional Potato Fork has a wood axle, your garden fork will be protected in spite of the rain.


  • 10 years warranty
  • The axle can sustain the weather
  • Unreal steel


  • The price seems higher against the others

Caution, it is difficult to choose the best fork because all products serve the different purposes and we just select the best of each kind. You can consider all of them and give you the best one.

Choosing the Best Garden Fork for Your Yard and Garden

With many kinds of the garden fork in a market, using your answers decide your buying decision. With each person, you will have your own work and give your own purpose.

This is all the information. Hope it can support you to choose the best fork fitting on your need and your condition.

If you think this article is useful, do not shy to share and comment to us. Thank you for reading this article!

James G. Craig

James G. Craig is a gardening enthusiast who splits his spare time between growing vegetables, preening his flower gardens, and blogging about his experiences at the Gardener Corner.

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