The Best Food Dehydrator On The Market 2017 – 2018

The Best Food Dehydrator On The Market


When you want to change the state to eat fruits and vegetables, drying them is one of the most popular methods to enjoy. Therefore, food dehydrators could be your choice in the healthy kitchen. With a dehydrator, you also make dry meat, potatoes, tomatoes and other food to preserve them in the long term. The question is – which is the best food dehydrator to have in your kitchen.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

How does a dehydrator work?

With a modern food dehydrator, manufacture creates a plastic box or a metal box to dry food due to the influencing on hot air in the box. Your food will be cut down in the lowest rate. Food dehydrator abolishes water and moisture in food to keep them in the period of time.

Two main kinds of dehydrator

Stacked food dehydrators and box & shelf food dehydrators are two core types of dehydrators. Each of them has their unique features and users should pay attention to keep these dehydrators in their using time.

  • Stacked food dehydrators: it is created from racks. Each of stack has one tray to keep your food and vents in the girth. When arranging these stacks, the heat cannot get out of the dehydrator, and your food will be dried. In the dehydrator, it has a fan put at the bottom and it moves the air around in a vertical direction.

With a stacked food dehydrator, you can choose a size box you want to put in your kitchen, and you can put various volumes of food into the box. However, you need to get food near the heat elements if you want to dry food faster. On the flip side, you have to move the tracks regularly.

  • Box & shelf food dehydrators: there is one amazing point in this dehydrator is it has a working process like an electric oven. You set the trays in the fixed time first and then; a fan moves hot air from food in each of the trays.

With a box & shelf food dehydrator, your food will be received all of the heat from the trays. You do not get burned from the hot air due to insulation. On the one hand, you could not save the space when using this box no matter how food is large or small and it is also bulky.

Consider some components before making a purchase

Although food dehydrators are not a complex machine, they also have various models and functions. Therefore, you need to take into account some factors for choosing an appropriate box for your purpose.

The dimensions of the box and your kitchen space

It is crucial to check the kitchen space and estimate the size of a food dehydrator. Do you have a limited kitchen space? Or do you want to save the space in the kitchen to put other ovens into in the upcoming time? If you say yes, then you should take a stacked food dehydrator. It has from 12 to 30 racks that you can put food atop one another on the racks in a vertical direction. It could be a smart investment for your kitchen space no matter how the box is and the dimension of its.

Pay attention to the heat and the passage of air

With a stackable box, the fan is placed at the top of the box that could not be handled the air when getting full of food in the 12th rack and more. It means that you have to rotate these tracks to get out of the hot air in lower level. So, in the case, you have much food to dry, and you must do this job regularly, you should make a decision to get another unit that is bigger and shelf model to save your time and improving the process of drying food.

Users change the unit more flexible

For those who want to dry a huge amount of food, they can get out of some racks in the unit, and the shelf dehydrator obviously can do this job. And the stackable box could not remove the fixed tracks in the unit. In the situation, you want to dry food suddenly, a stackable model is a suitable option.

The materials of a box

You do not concern about the material of one food dehydrator as they are made from the plastic or the metal. With a plastic unit, you should find the FDA certify that is enclosed in the box. Similarly, if you buy a metal box, you could find the proof of fee BFA certification. Talking about the longevity, the plastic box is not durable than the metal unit.

Is it easy to move?

For those who love traveling so much, it is possible to bring a food dehydrator all the time. It depends on the place you will go and what transportation you will get to consider a stackable model or a metal box. With a stackable unit, you do not have a concern about the size of it because of the lightweight. On the one hand, a metal box is heavier, and you can get stuff in some places that having metal regulations.

Is it easy to clean the box?

To save time on cleaning, you need to observe the outside and inside of the box. Furthermore, you should check the model to know the unit easy to clean or not.

The guaranty

It is important to find out the warranty policy of the manufacturer. Normally, a box has at least 1 – year guaranty.

Product Reviews – The Best Food Dehydrator

1. Magic Mill 6 Tray

The Magic Mill 6 Tray is a great food dehydrator with an affordable price. It has twelve trays to dehydrate the food smoothly, six trays are made from stainless steel, and other six trays are the plastic on – stick. Therefore, you choose the trays to dehydrate food flexibly. Furthermore, the box has one digital thermostat and a setting timer. It also has the oven mitts to protect your hands when taking food outside the unit.

Because the box has full of six trays, you can choose a huge amount of food for a family in one cooking meal such as putting vegetables in the first tray, meat or fish in the other trays. It sounds fabulous to dry different kinds of food at the same time.

Also, the Magic Mill 6 Tray has a digital temperature board that allows you switch the temperature easily from 95 to 158°F. There are five buttons in the control panel – on/off buttons, the bonus/minus ones, changing the temperature buttons and the timing press. With a setting timer, it will take the signal to let users know while finishing the process.

Despite the large, it is the state – of – the – art unit with some sleek and curved lines on the top part. There are two colors for users to choose – the black or white one. With full of special components, this item is rated one of the best food dehydrators for your family.


  • It is easy for using and cleaning.
  • It is an affordable unit for every user.
  • With an updated design, users can check the process.
  • It has a setting timer for supporting the users while cooking in the kitchen.


  • It has a normal plastic smell.
  • It wastes more power usage.
  • Although it has a timer, users also need to check the time.

2. Nesco FD – 75A Snackmaster Pro

Like Magic Mill 6 Tray, Nesco FD – 75A Snackmaster Pro does well on fruits, beef, turkey, fish, jerky and other food. The unit has two kinds of sheet – solid and mesh. They offer lots of adaptabilities. Solid sheets could be used on soup, shakes, fruit rollups, etc. that comes from liquid states.

On the flip side, mesh sheets could be used for food that comes from solid states like herbs, spices, etc. If you want to save your time and space of the unit, you use both of sheets to dehydrate your food at the same time.

The box has a simple working process with the air change the way along the inner walls, but it still blows in the trays. Unlikely other items, the fan is designed on the top side of the unit to dry your food quicker than other food dehydrators that have the fan at the bottom. Even if you are going to dry herbs and flowers at high temperatures with minimal fluctuation, you would not worry about their states after drying because of the digital control panel.

For those who are the first time to use the unit, you completely know how to use thanks to the free recipes. Moreover, you can discover some valuable information to help you in the drying process on food like the best time to dehydrate to each of food.Nesco FD – 75A Snackmaster Pro also has high – quality control, so it is satisfied the patrons to locate it is one of the best food dehydrators in the stores.


  • It has a high – quality control.
  • It has several gauges that help users know the states while dehydrating.
  • It has a maintenance policy.
  • It can dry different kinds of food.


  • It does not have the power button.
  • It does not have a setting timer.
  • It is not sturdy enough for long time using.
  • It is designed circular shape so that the users sometimes get stuff on it.

3. Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric

There are two strong points that make the Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric is estimated one of the best food dehydrators for households. First of all, it is not expensive for middle – class and lower income citizens. Secondly, it is a lightweight product (with 7 pounds), and finally, it does not need more space to put. Therefore, you can bring it easily, and if you want to save the space in your kitchen, you will not ignore this item.

In addition to, the trays are designed in a nested way that is useful when you do not have to use the unit. You also can decrease the height of the box through getting out of some unnecessary trays. The top of the Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric is made of the transparent polycarbonate. Unlike other dehydrators, you can observe drying process through a see –lid. On the one hand, the box does not have a temperature panel, you must check the drying process, especially when you dry some sensitive products like herbs or flowers. These items require more control, so keep in mind at this point. Lack of the thermostat, you will have an opportunity to control it immediately in some unwanted situations on the trays.

The box has a fan that is fixed at the bottom and a heating system. Moreover, all of the trays are heated in a vertical way from the airflow. It also is not a bulky model to pack it smoothly. With this box, you do not have to rotate or touch the trays during the drying movement.


  • It does not waste more space to put down in your kitchen, and it is also a nice dehydrator
  • It also has other unique features to support the users have delicious drying food.
  • It is an ease of use with everyone.
  • It is an affordable food drying box with high quality.


  • Users need to be careful when drying movement of this unit as they can get burn.
  • It does not have temperature board to change.
  • It can get noisy for other people.
  • Users should check the time before opening the drying process.

4. Nutrichief PKFD12

The NutrichiefPKFD12 is suitable for beginning users because it has only the on/off button. When you have already prepared your food and line them on the trays, you just switch the button; it is all you do. The temperature of the box can dehydrate any food you put in the trays (around 180°F).

There are five trays that are made from plastic plates, and they are stacked on top of one another. Users completely line their food on these plates like fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. due to free of food – grade plastic. The airflow works their job smoothly, and it does not take out of the box thanks to mesh surface on the trays.

Moreover, for those who want to dry water fruits, they can use the drip tray to avoid water drip into the heating system. The final part of the box has a perforated lid which brilliant holes to make food keep their temperature and take the moisture off while dehydrating in the unit.

In the case users need to dry thickly sliced products, the unit does not let their bosses upset. With the stacking structure, you can create several slices of items like potatoes, tomatoes, etc. When you need to try bigger pieces of these products, they can expand the height of the trays due to special tabs.

With an ease of use structure model, you do not worry about cleaning the box. After finishing the drying movement, you can get out of the trays and put them in the dishwasher. Or you can do it by yourself instead of the machine. The plastic trays are safe for users and the dishwashers.

The Nutrichief PKFD12 comes with great unique elements to aid housewives, and other chiefs save much time to create some special recipes. Hence, they agree that this model is also rated one of the best food dehydrators for smart consumers.


  • It has a huge space to line up food in the trays.
  • It has a great heating system that is distributed to all of the levels of the unit.
  • Users can use and clean it easily like they clean the space of their kitchen.
  • It is affordable for every patron.


  • It does not have temperature board.
  • It also does not have a setting timer.
  • It does not sometimes dry all of the surfaces on food.
  • It dries sometimes get noisy.

5. Excalibur 2900ECB 9-Tray

For those who fall in love with fruits and vegetables, the Excalibur 2900ECB9 could be their sweet choice. The unit has full of nine tracks for users to dry every food they want to get, from veggies to herbs or meats. It also is suitable for families that have many members to enjoy dehydrating.

Unlike other food dehydrators, this model has a back fan that allows the airflow to work horizontally. Why does manufacture make them like this? Because when you dry a large amount of food, the flavors of them may mix them together and you know what happen next. Imagine you eat kiwi that smell meats, it is such horrible thing.

The horizontal system does not affect the level of dehydrating food. On the flip side, you do not have to rotate all of the trays by your hands due to the horizontal airflow system. With this unique feature, the Excalibur 2900ECB9 is different from others in the market.

In the first time to look at this model, you will love it as it has a beautiful and fancy unit with black colored. Furthermore, the materials also are made from quality standard to protect the users. It also has nine big trays with mesh sheets to line up meats and other big food to dry.

The unit also has changeable temperature panel to help users to switch the temperature from 95 to 1550F. You freely dehydrate various food like meat, leek, asparagus, etc. without difficulties. In the situation keeping up enzymes of fruits, you should change the temperature at the lowest point, but do not forget to check it all the time.

This unit is rated nearly five stars in the market because of their amazing elements. So, do you agree that it is one of the best food dehydrators for households in this season?


  • Users could put large food in the trays.
  • It also has a distribution heating system.
  • It is easy for using and repairing when necessary.
  • It saves the power consumption in the households.
  • It is not expensive.


  • There are not any power or timer buttons.
  • It is not easy to bring while traveling.
  • It can make noise.

Choosing the Best Food Dehydrator On The Market

If you are a forget person, you would think of the Magic Mill 6 Tray to make a purchase in this season because it has a setting timer for you.

For those who do not have enough time to rotate the trays while drying and cooking at the same time in the kitchen, Excalibur 2900ECB 9-Tray could be your great option thanks to the horizontal airflow system to help you do this job.

And if you have never heard food dehydrators before, Nesco FD – 75A Snackmaster Pro will help you to get a smooth job with your food. No matter what food dehydrators you choose, you should take into account your needs and wants to opt the best food dehydrator.

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