Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews – How to Find the Best Chainsaw

Whether you are a professional carpenter, DIYer, homeowner, or are just interested in having a great new woodworking project, it is always a good idea to read some of the best cordless pole saw reviews so that you can make an informed decision. It’s true that there are many different products on the market today but not all of them are made equal. Many times you can get a good deal on a product but then you may have to pay a lot for maintenance and repairs. With some simple research, you can quickly find out which products offer a long lasting value and which ones are simply manufactured by accident.

There are basically two types of saws. There are gas powered and electric. Cordless is great because you never have to worry about buying an extension cord or plugging anything into the wall. Electric is obviously heavier but makes everything easier because there is no wire to wrap or conceal. Most people simply purchase the electric cordless pole saw and install the power cord to use it in the home or in the shop.

Obviously the gas powered models will cost more money. However, they often offer longer battery life, more power, and sometimes can do some things that the cordless ones cannot. Gas powered cordless pole saws also tend to have better gas mileage. The down side is that the battery life might not last as long.

When choosing a model, look for one with at least four blades. Three blades are fine for light cutting but when you need to cut branches, trees, or heavy materials, four blades will give you extra power. You also want a model with a length that is between eight to ten inches long. This allows the user to have a firm grip on the handle and eliminate the chance of their hand slipping off the handle. Some cordless pole saws come with a grip extension so this won’t be a problem.

The width of the cutting area on the pole should be between seven and ten inches. If the space is less than this, the motor will exhaust its power before it gets to the wood or branch. A seven-inch to ten-inch bar is ideal but you can get a smaller bar if needed. Some users prefer a smaller bar because they often work outside. However, most of the time, seven inches is ideal.

A lubrication system is essential. A chain saw operates much like a bike chain – if it wears down, it won’t work properly. Therefore, it’s important to keep your chain in top condition by lubricating it on a regular basis. This is especially important if you plan on working outside. Most chains are made with an aluminum or steel alloy. To help prevent corrosion and rust, you should also check to make sure there is a chain oiler on the saw and that it is clean and free from debris.

An adjustable is important to have on a chain saw. Some models have a trigger that will extend the cutting blade when it gets to the correct length. However, other pole saws come with an expandable or retractable pole. These features an arm that extends beyond the end of the blade. As the blade extends, it can reach the extra distance and cut into the branch or thin wood.

When choosing a model, you have to consider other features as well. A cordless saw has to be lightweight and easy to store. It also has to have a sturdy construction. A good model should have a heavy duty cutting plate that has at least ten inches long chain blades. It should come with a stop plate to stop the blade from cutting into anything as it gets too long. A versatile model can do both trimming and cutting, making it easier to work in tight spaces.

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