Best Commercial Lawn Maintenance Tips

Wondering how to perform commercial lawn maintenance, Delaware? If you have a commercial lawn, it has to be landscaped regularly and beautifully. The appearance helps in enhancing the curb appeal of the business. When the property is well maintained, it indicates your attention to detail and professionalism. Maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn needs a lot of effort and time. It is why you should approach commercial lawn maintenance experts like McCoy Landscape for the best services and professional approach.

In this blog, the experts have shared useful tips for commercial lawn maintenance Delaware.

Fertilize: When you have thick and healthy lawns, it will be less liable to weeds. It has to be fertilized at appropriate times. This way, you can offer grass with nutrients that are required to grow lush and high. It is best to fertilize prior to the first freeze that is early winter. The fertilization helps in replacing nutrients that have been lost in the winter. When the soil turns colder, the fertilizer would remain feeding the grass all through the winter. For prompt root development, it is necessary to fertilize once again at the beginning of the spring. It is also best to fertilize slightly in between according to factors like the environment, soil, and grass.

Adjust cutting height according to the season: Remember, it is important to mow to a specific height as per the season. When it comes to mowing cool-climate grasses, it is best to cut about 2 ½ inch height for the initial year. You can increase the height to 3 inches or more during the summer and reduce the height to 2 ½ for the last mowing of the year. Ensure to use only a sharp blade. Damaged or dull blades have chances to rip apart and damage the grass, resulting in it to weaken and turn yellow.

Avoid foot traffic: During the winter months, grass turns brown and appears dead. It may be alive but it has chances to get damaged due to foot traffic. If you wish to enhance the lawn’s health, it is best not to walk on the grass. Do not allow people to park vehicles or simply sit on the lawn. Since all these incidences can damage and kill the grass.

Watering the lawn: If you have established lawn, it has to be watered deeply. When you do deep watering at least once a week, it motivates deeper root growth. In the same way, shallow, frequent watering creates a restricted root system. The watering frequency has to be decided according to the type of weather, soil, and grass. The majority of grasses require water of about one inch every week for better and healthy growth. Thus, you can keep the top layer of soil that is about three to four inches moisten always, enclosing the root zone.

Morning hours are the best time for watering. It saves water as it gets evaporated. It also permits grass to dry by evening. If the grass remains wet for long hours, it has chances to remain more liable to disease. When you use a movable sprinkler, it is recommended to allow it to run in a single spot or until the water starts to run from the surface. After completing that part, you have to start watering to another part of the lawn.

Ensure to check the sprinkler system or underground irrigation to make sure that you wet the entire root zone of the lawn without overwatering any regions. It is best to water the lawn whenever you find the grass starting to wilt and discolor. When you cannot maintain the grass green, ensure to water about 1 ½ inch once in a week or two weeks. It helps in maintaining the plants alive though they are inactive.

Control lawn pests: Several factors like weeds, disease, and insects have chances to create bare patches or thin your healthy lawn. When you spend enough time and effort on your lawn, you should ensure to keep it lovely and lush as possible. Several aggressive pests are waiting to spoil your handiwork. During the summer and spring months, pests like pillbugs, crickets, chiggers, spiders, ticks, fleas and more develop and get active. Certain pests remain active throughout the year. It is recommended to apply appropriate chemicals and control their growth. Contact the lawn experts for assistance and complete maintenance.


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