Best Bee Suit For The Optimal Protection For Every Beekeeper 2017-2018

Best Bee Suit For The Optimal Protection For Every Beekeeper


Do you desire to make nutrient and healthy honey? Are you a beekeeper or planning to become a beekeeper? No matter who you are and how you do, always give the safety top priority.

There are lots of necessary tools for a safe bee-fight. Among them, the most important thing should be a bee suit. You may have seen some experienced beekeepers working with bees without a bee suit before. However, in most cases, I do NOT support this idea at all. That’s why today I’m over here to help you choose the best bee suit for your demands.

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There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

**Below, you will find more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Is a Bee Suit Necessary?

First of all, please keep in mind that bees aren’t naturally vicious. In fact, they sting only when they find it dangerous for their hives. A bee suit looks like a charm in your bee-fight. To more detail, the following is some noteworthy reasons.

  • Protect you from bee’s sting: Bees often hide in hives, and they’re easy to be aggravated when someone is trying to ruin their home. As they get furious, they’ll sting. A bee sting is controllable, but several bee’s stings at once can be disastrous. So, a beekeeper should be completely protected when harvesting honey.

  • Protect you from allergies: Some people are sensitive to bees. If they are stung, the symptoms will be worse than of those who are less sensitive to bees. In such cases, a bee suit is crucial to prevent a beekeeper from contacting with bees.

  • Protect your honey bees: Honey bees are unwilling to sting because they’ll die once they do that. A bee suit helps to keep bees away from you. As a result, you won’t be stung, and your bees will be saved.

  • Professional reasons: According to many commercial beekeeper’s guidelines, a bee suit is a must-have tool to prevent any unwanted accident. For people who are practicing keeping bees, it’s a professional kit like a police uniform of a policeman.

Therefore, please be as nice as pie to the bees and remember to buy a bee suit. This way, you will be safe if they do something when they think their home is attacked. From our experience, although the bees accustom to you as time passes, it’s better to keep you secure rather than feel sorry. So, always bring proper equipment with you when intruding into your bees.

For how to wear a bee suit, check this video:

What to Consider when Buying a Bee Suit


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Security is, of course, the most important factor. You should take a look at zippers. A sturdy and durable zipper is easily moveable and can last for long use. Besides, the elastic at some vulnerable parts of our body like wrist, waist and ankles is necessary. This will protect your whole body and ensure that uninvited bees can’t fly into your suit.


Harvesting honey often happens in the hot weather. This makes me a big fan of the ventilated suits, especially when I live in an extremely hot area. You know how it’s hot when layered up in the full-sun days, don’t you? It’s really like hell! My advice is to stay cool when you keep bees. For this reason, I suggest buying a ventilated bee suit or the one with a light weight.


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Although I said that you should look for a lightweight suit, a high-quality fabric is in need. It has to be thick enough to prevent bees from stinging. To be honest, bee’s stings are just a matter of time. But if you use a well-made suit, you won’t have to worry about it too much.


Do you know that bees don’t like dark colors? So, let purchase a white or pastel bee suit in order not to anger frightening bees. Furthermore, if you’re female or you want to buy the bee suit for your woman, light or cute colors should be considered.


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A veil of a suit likes a door of a house. You don’t need to buy the suit and the veil together. However, I prefer a suit which attaches a veil. It won’t slide up my face or have unwanted problems. Personally, I am keen on the rounded veil. It keeps those bees far from my face. Many bee suits will attach the collapsible veils. Before wearing them, I suggest wearing a ball cap beneath the veil. This way, the veil will be kept far from your face.

Bee Suit or Bee Jacket – Which One Is Better?

Someone will pick up a bee jacket due to its convenience. However, a jacket is used in quick inspection or general work. It may be handier to put on and off. This makes it the only right choice when you work with small hives with a few bees. If you have to cope with more, it’s a serious matter.

On the other hand, a bee suit protects you totally. It helps you handle the unpleasant colonies without being stung. In my opinion, some models are a perfect combination of veil, hood, gloves and suit. Especially, when the fashion industry is more and more developing, suits are becoming more perfect.

Product Reviews – The Best Bee Suit

1. Natural Apiary Zephyros Beekeeping Suit

Overall, there aren’t enough nice words to tell about this bee suit. I’m truly safe with it. It catches my eyes from the first sight. In addition to the cotton blended with polyester fabric, this product is made of Natural Latex, which works as an air-conditioner in my body. Because most of my work happens on sunny days, it’s really my lifesaver.

Thanks to the very good overlap at the zippers, bees have no way to get into my suit. In addition, the veil is super fine and extremely strong. It provides me with a clear view. Its arm and leg sleeves are also reinforced to lessen stings in the vulnerable areas.


  • Breathable fabric keeping cool
  • Incredible lifetime guarantee
  • Great visibility veil
  • Good-sized pockets


  • The plastic attachment hook in the pocket is unnecessary.

2. New Professional Bee Keeping Suit with Veil Hood

Despite the very low price, this product should be highly appreciated. It’s made of 100% cotton. Although the fabric is quite thick, it keeps you cool during the working time. Moreover, there are opening elastic bands around my wrists and ankles to help me move easily. I also like the self-supporting and folding veiled hood, which is very convenient.

Thanks to the machine washable jacket, I save lots of time and effort in cleaning. The suit also allows me to wear extra clothes inside. The zippers on the legs help me wear the suit without taking my shoes off. It also has a Velcro along the zipper to ensure that no bees can touch me.


  • Low price
  • Lightweight material
  • Elastic at waist and ankles
  • Easy in and out


  • The hood is so small, which make your face against the screen.
  • The veil is hand wash only.

3. Humble Bee 412-L Polycotton Beekeeping Suit with Square Veil

This suit is made of cotton and synthetic. Its scrupulous design with strong brass zippers, stitched pockets and deluxe canvas is awesome. Not only does it protect me against bee’s stings outstandingly, but it also makes me comfortable all day in any weather. In addition, elastic waistband, wrists and ankles cover me from the head to the foot entirely.

Moreover, the unisex design makes this suit suitable for both men and women. Diversified sizes from XXS – XXXL fit all body types. While large size fits better for those who are between 5’9″ – 5’10”, XXS size seems to be designed for over-small people.


  • Over clothes for extra safety
  • Comes with a useful bag
  • Protects perfectly
  • The gloves can be separated up to your intention.


  • A few customers find it a bit bulky to get in.

4. Natural Apirary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit (All-in-One)

This bee suit is the combination of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. It also fits you greatly with elasticated forearm, wrists and ankles. If you have any trouble with your belly, this fully elasticized waist will accommodate your body with a greater range. Throughout YKK Zip is also a special point of this design.

What I like about this suit is the extra thick collar, which offers more protection and comfort for my neck. In addition, thanks to the tool pockets, both left- and right-hand people can use it easily. Machine washable friendliness is another plus point of this suit.


  • Full suit with elastic bands around your arms and legs
  • Cute colors
  • Machine washable without shrinking
  • Reasonable price


  • It doesn’t attach a veil.
  • It gets a little hot on very sunny days.

5. The Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil

It has three layers of aerated mesh fabric. The deepest layer not only protects me against stinging but also keeps me cool. The other layers suit my body heat. They have a thin fence to prevent bees, especially when I get wet from the sweat. With this bee suit, I find it a pleasure to my bee-keeping. I can wash it in the machine as well!

With two-ways brass zippers – multiple pockets and a roomy detachable hood – I’m protected outstandingly. What makes me impressive is the integral hood. It protects me against the bees better than a helmet with a veil. Remember that this bee suit is in men’s sizes, so a woman should wear a smaller size than usual.


  • Wash well and seem not to come apart
  • Convenient two-ways brass zippers
  • Maximal coverage
  • The open-mesh material makes it the most comfortable.


  • A bit expensive
  • A small number of customers have trouble with the metal zippers.

Tips to Select the Suitable Size

  • You should measure:

  • From shoulder or collar to ankle: To define the needed length.

  • Waist and chest diameter: To define the needed width.

  • Collar down to crotch: To make sure the suit won’t throw on your shoulders or crotch.

  • Remember to add an extra ½ inch to your measurements to ensure that your suit will offer you free room to move.

  • After picking up one, let relax and be comfortable than ever before. Spending more time and enjoying with your bees.

Choosing the Best Bee Suit For The Optimal Protection For Every Beekeeper

Overall, a bee suit is really essential not only for you but also for your bees. Besides, their price range is affordable. Just with over $$, you can own a good product. I know that it’s not easy to make the correct decision since there are lots of factors to consider. Just keep in mind that everything depends on your demands and budgets.

Personally, I like the Ultra Breeze Beekeeping Suit with Veil most. In spite of the high price, it offers me everything I need, from the optimal protection to many great conveniences while wearing.

I hope that our reviews and buying guide can help you choose the best bee suit. Have a nice day!

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