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Benefits of Swimming

Swimming as we know it today is basically done for sports and fun. Swimming is popularized as a fun and recreational sport in areas where there si an available water body. This would imply that in a place surrounded by water, most people in the areas would take to swimming as a fun activity. If you have ever swum before – overcoming the initial fear of it – you would observe that your body would desire more and more for water. As popular as swimming is all over the world, many people are ignorant to its many benefits. There is actually more to it than just hanging out with friends and flapping around like a fish in water.

Usually when the word ‘benefits’ is used in relation to swimming, its health benefits come up first. So in this post, we are going to take a closer look at these benefits. Meeting new people, especially in a resort or the like can also be regarded as a benefit. Anyways there is no need keeping you waiting any longer, so here are the benefits of swimming.

The Fountain of Youth Discovered

One of the most sought after secrets in the human world is the fountain of youth. Why no one wants to grow old is a topic for another day. So back to swimming, several researches have shown that active and regular swimmers look younger that their contemporaries. If you have all the facts, it would be easy to believe how this possible. Results from the research also showed that for someone at 75 who has a very regular swimming habit would have their cardiovascular performance, blood chemistry and pressure, cholesterol levels, and even muscle mass quite similar to their very own younger self.

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Helps Manage Body Weight

Body weight issue and its other related terminologies is one of the many health problems facing the world we know today. Swimming has long been found to be a good form of exercise. Your regular cardio and other types of exercises have got nothing on swimming. To put figures to this, research has shown that you would burn approximately 367 calories after partaking in a 30 minute backstroke swimming exercise. In other words, make swimming a habit, and you won’t have to ever worry yourself about your body weight.

Muscle Strengthening

To fully understand this, let’s discuss a little bit of physics. As you may already know (totally ok if you don’t), water is about 44 times denser than air. For the n0n-science folks, this would imply that you would need greater force to push through water, unlike walking in air. Ever tried walking around in your bathtub? This should give a little bit of clue as to what we are referring to. Just like muscle toning exercises that require lifting or pulling of weights, swimming allows the body to push against the water resistance. If you have a readily available pool of water, this saves you the stress of buying weights. Just make swimming a regular exercise and you would have your muscles toned and strengthened in no time.

Improves Sleep

If you are struggling with insomnia, then you may have heard about the effect of swimming in solving this irregularity. Since you are still struggling with the insomnia, it is safe to assume you have not been taking swimming seriously. People with a regular swimming routine have been found to be more likely to fall asleep faster and rest well at night. If you have insomnia or you can’t seem to sleep for longer hours, you should consider having swimming as a routine.

Sweat-free Exercise

This may seem odd but there are certain people who just don’t like to exercise because of the overheating and sweat that accompanies it. Sounds pretty awkward but we still got to respect them for it. Swimming affords them the opportunity to exercise without literarily breaking a sweat. Immersed partially or completely in any body of water will reduce the body temperature without compromising the effects of the exercise.

Decreases the Risk for Diseases

As earlier mentioned, swimming affects a whole lot of both the internal and external parts of the human body. Since it has a positive effect on the heart, blood sugar levels and pressure, and also cholesterol, swimming helps to reduce the possibility of having a heart related disease, type-2 diabetes, as well as a stroke. The human body is fragile and susceptible to deterioration but with the right maintenance and exercise like swimming, the body is able to fight against several types of diseases.

Combats Stress

The principal contributor to this is the induced endorphins that are released during exercises. Swimming as a form of exercise also brings about these induced endorphins. So you can trust swimming to be able to fight all forms of stress in your life. Whenever you are in a bout of stress, you can count on swimming to help reduce it. All you have to do is take a step of faith and dive into the water.

Improves Flexibility

This should apply to a majority of people. The plain truth is that most of us are just not flexible. Swimming is able to achieve this flexibility because it is an all-body muscles acting exercise. Usually, exercises in the gym are more specific to certain areas of the body. Just imagine a swimming activity and see if it doesn’t affect all part of your body.

Just for Fun

Without adding this, the list would just not be complete. Swimming is just plain fun! There is just no other way to put this. There are people who get scared at first but once they become good at swimming, they want to always be in the water. It is a good recreational activity that can be done alone or with group of friends.


Swimming as an exercise, sport, or recreation has got one of the numerous benefits than several others of its kind. It is a general body building activity and puts health in the forefront of its benefits. Active regular swimmers have a healthier life than those that do not engage in swimming. Find a pool of clean water and immerse yourself in it for some all-body cleansing and exercising.


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