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When To Dethatch Your Lawn

Over time, little bits and portions of grass die and accumulate directly above the soil. This is known as thatch. A little bit of roofing can be beneficial. It is a form of organic material that is damaged down by microbes in the soil. But sometimes, thatch builds up too quickly for natural approaches to […]

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Best Lawn Edger for Trimming Ragged Edges and Taming Encroaching Plants

At one time, edging and trimming around walks and growing beds meant using hand clippers or getting up close and personal with stray grass and weeds. Hand tools are still an option for creating neat, trim edges around walks and along borders. For larger gardens, automated tools might be a better option.Photo credit: Internet Archive […]

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Best Broadcast Lawn Spreaders: A History, Their Features, and Selecting the Best Broadcast Lawn Spreader for You

A Broadcast Lawn Spreader is one of those lawn and garden tools that you don’t really think about until you hand spread grass seed or fertilizer, and see first-hand the uneven results. Walk-behind spreaders make the work easier because they support the weight of the fertilizer, seed or ice melt. They also add the safety […]

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