8 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Home Water Purification System

Clean water is essential for cooking your food, gardening, and drinking. Several people nowadays drink water contaminated with chlorine that still contains lots of harmful bacteria, toxins, and other pollutants.

Though it passed through a water treatment plant, tap water may not be clean. This is because after reaching the treatment plant, it is still easy for water to pick up pollutants. It is the same case when water is collected in a private well.

Water filtration removes bacteria, pollutants, and heavy metals from your water. Thus, an excellent way to ensure that you will have a good supply of clean and pure water in your home and garden is to install a home water purification system.

Reasons to install a home water purification system

Here are eight reasons why you need to install a home water purification system:

Constantly safe drinking water

As opposed to bottled water and tap water coming straight from water treatment plants in your community, you are assured that you have safe drinking water through water purification systems. Water filtration plants apply specific chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to the water as a method of treatment. These pollutants, other toxins, and most of the 2,100 common chemicals in drinking water are eliminated when you own a home water purification system.

Environmental protection

A water purification system helps protect the environment. Around 50 billion plastic water bottles have been purchased in the U.S. in previous years. Only 38% have been recycled, though, with most of them ending up in landfills. You won’t bother throwing more waste into landfills because of a water purification system. Plastic bottles will need an average of 450 years to decompose.

Reduced skin conditions

Reduce severe skin conditions through a water purification system. Substances in unfiltered water like chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals can worsen skin conditions. This includes eczema and psoriasis, particularly in children.


Water purification systems help reduce expenses in your home. If you tend to buy bottled water, the installation of a water filter at home makes for huge savings. It means you are paying an average cost of 24 bottles of water at about $5.00. Through the installation of a home water purification system that does reverse osmosis, it will only cost around $300 and $500.

Decreased repair and plumbing bills

When using filtered water, your plumbing and repair repairs can be significantly reduced. In unfiltered water, chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals may cause damages to your plumbing system. This might impact not just the plumbing but also the other household appliances that use water. This pertains to the dishwater, washing machine, garbage disposal, refrigerator ice maker, and water dispenser.

Increased preparedness for disasters

In case a sewer line bursts close to your home, it can contaminate the water supply. But there is an integrated home water purification system built for the entire house that can protect you.

Lower risk of gastrointestinal disorders

A home water purification system can aid in decreasing the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses through the removal of bacteria and other microorganisms. Several microscopic organisms exist in various water sources, which may not have been effectively treated. Thus, these forms of microorganisms can harm our bodies.

Constant plant growth

For quality plant growth, clean water is essential. Town water sources also add chlorine and other chemical substances to the water to prevent algal or bacterial growth. Chlorine can be toxic or damaging to plants. It should be eliminated to avoid stunted plant growth. There are numerous water purification methods available to provide safer and cleaner water for both plants and humans. One common water purification technique is the use of activated carbon filters to eliminate impurities and particulate matter.

Water is essential to drinking, gardening, and plant health, but unclean water can be a problem. Thus, you can check out state-of-the-art watering purification systems such as the Kinetico home water systems to generate clean water for drinking, bathing, and watering gardens. Such watering systems are regarded as the safest way to provide plants with clean water for greater harvest and continuous plant growth.


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