5 Best Axes Brands for Camping and Fishing

Choosing the best axe brand for your needs will depend upon how you plan to use the tool as well as your budget. You can start by looking into the various brands that are available, starting with an inexpensive model. These X-series axles are made from alloy steel and come with a very solid construction. In addition, they have ergonomic handles, larger storage baskets for gear and a heavy duty drill head that are perfect for working in rough terrain.

For those who enjoy working with wood, purchasing an ax is a good investment. There are two kinds of axes – one is the series, which has a standard haft and a drop head. The haft, or wooden handle, usually is made from cedar while the head is made from either aluminum or pewter. Both of these types of handles have a distinct characteristic. The haft, which has a standard design, comes with a tapered head and tapered feet. The drop head, which is also standard, is equipped with either a tapered head or a diamond spike for protection against moisture.

If you need to work with thicker materials and a lot of pressure, a masonry saw is your best choice. The M Series models are a little more costly but will be more durable and last longer. These are typically made from alloy steel, making them one of the best axles on the market. For ease of use, many models have ergonomic handles. The five dimension saw is durable and long lasting, offering precise cuts.

The next step up from the M series is the XL series. This model is made for heavy duty use and comes complete with a durable steel blade. It is also available in a folding model so it can be easily stored. The standard model is a little over four inches long and around three inches wide. The folding model is a little shorter at just over two inches. It can easily be stored under a bed or in a closet.

The truper camp axe is a lightweight fixed blade that is ideal for light duty jobs. It is made of high quality steel and features an ergonomic handle. The blade is made of two pieces and measures approximately two and a half inches in length. The depth of cut is one and a half inches and it comes with a fully adjustable blade height.

If you are looking for an all around utility saw, the Husqvarna utility ax is an excellent choice. This model comes in one and a half inches, with a one and a half inch blade. This makes it great for splitting wood, chopping firewood, or making short yard tools like a weed whacker. It features a durable aluminum handle and a heavy duty steel blade.

When buying an axe, one that is most useful for cutting hard things and not just the cutting handle, consider a built in folding knife or a leather sheath. Many models come with a folding sheath that fits inside the axe handle and allows for storage or for transportation. An all-in-one leather sheath or a butcher block folder allows for easy storage and also offers added versatility by allowing you to chop wood or dry off meat without having to remove your hands. An axe handle that includes a built in sheath is more versatile and allows for maximum use of the axe.

The Wusthof Classic Series is a good alternative to the traditional mark models. While it doesn’t have the best price, it is still a top brand for an excellent and durable camping axe. It features an open-face design and is made from high quality steel. Other features include a replaceable blade guard and a leather sheath.

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