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Amazing Mints: The Versatile Plant Species That Does Everything from Entertaining your Cat to Cleaning Your Teeth

Mint plants, Lamiaceae, come in a wide variety. Some are good for making tea or jelly, freshening breath or even cleaning your house. Others act as insect repellents or are believed to have medicinal properties. The best news about mint plants is that many of them are the brown-thumb gardener’s saving grace. Once started, mint […]

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Best Leaf and Lawn Vacuum for Spring and Autumn Cleaning

The best leaf and lawn vacuums for spring and autumn cleaning are the ones that combine time saving, energy efficiency and low decibel levels. In many cases, this means using electric leaf vacuums, but it could also mean using a gas-powered leaf blower with a vacuum attachment to take care of seasonal chores. <img class=”tve_image” […]

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Mini-Greenhouses: A Perfect Growing Solution for Home and Hobby Gardeners

The mini-greenhouse is a season extender. It is larger than a cold frame and shares characteristics with it and with hot beds, depending upon the type of greenhouse. Mini-greenhouses can range in size from a uniquely glazed window to a freestanding building that features transparent materials over a sturdy, but minimalist framework. Each greenhouse type […]

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